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Organic: What it means on different products –

Organic: What it means on different products

You see the word more and more, but what does it say about what it’s on? Here are tips for fruits and vegetables, dairy and meat, cosmetics, processed foods and cotton and coffee.

How to Be Organic on a Budget – Gaiam Life.

…there are ways to offset the costs so that your overall expenses in going organic won’t be much more than what you’re paying now, and possibly even a little less.

Early Adopters


Ipad was the big star of last night’s Modern Family.  The dad, Phil, totally reminds me of my husband Scotty.  And 2 quotes really solidified that to me again last nite —

Modern-Family-GameImage Credit: Eric McCandless/ABC

“Not just that, the iPad comes out on my actual birthday. It’s like Steve Jobs and God got together and said, ‘We love you, Phil.’”  — Phil

“Next week! That’s like the worst thing you can say to an early adopter.” — Phil, on not getting his iPad the day it was released

‘Modern Family’ recap: Brought to you by the iPad |

You can watch the full episode at ABC/Modern Family.

Cool Fitness Tools


I have found that when I have some sort of immediate feedback from my workout, it helps keep me engaged. Immediate being the key word. I found this article: Top 5 Fitness Apps For Your Iphone Or Ipod Touch | Tech News, Reviews, Business, Health News and More.  which mentions a few of the ton of fitness/health related IPhone/IPod Touch apps to help you data junkies get more involved.

I do not have an Ipod Touch or IPhone, but there are some tools that I use to help me get my fitness on —

I always use a heart rate monitor – mine is a Polar F6 which gives me my Heart Rate and Calorie Count during the workout based on data that I have supplied. It also creates a personal HR zone based on my workout history data to target my optimum heart rate.  One thing many people don’t realize  is that many gym machines sync with Polar and other brands and will display your HR on the machine while you are working out.  I like knowing where my HR is because it helps me know how hard I am working and/or if I am not working hard enough. It also calculates weekly calorie burn, and aI know how many calories each week I need to burn to stay within my normal range.  There are fancier heart rate monitors out there – you just have to find the one that works for you.  Mine has a watch and a chest strap – which I thought would really bother me, but I have found once it’s on, I can’t feel it at all.

The other little gadget I use is a Nike+ when I run. With the Nike + iPod Sport Kit or Sensor and a pair of Nike+ shoes, your iPod nano or iPod touch gives you feedback while it records your run. I can’t wear Nike shoes, so I went to a local running store and bought a little pouch that slides under my shoelaces and fits the little sensor perfectly. If you do have a pair of Nike+ shoes, the sensor fits under the cushion within your shoe and stays there.  There is a thin little piece that goes right in your Ipod slot and you then see Nike Plus listed on your IPod. You set up your stats (weight, age, gender) and then you can record your runs and sync it to a playlist. During your run you can press your IPod and the voice will tell you your pace and how far you have run. I have found it to be a fun tool to use while I am running although not always the most accurate. It could be due to the pouch I use but it’s close enough for me to get the idea of how far and my pace.

The other cool thing is you can join the Nike+ community and the Nike+ will sync via ITunes and you can have a good record of your runs, your distance per run and cumulative miles. You can also connect to Twitter and Facebook to broadcast your runs to all your friends.

There are probably a hundred more tools out there that you can use to help you stay on track with your fitness goals. What ones do you use/prefer?



Something I did yesterday really did a number on my neck. I can’t turn it to the right so it made this a bit more challenging than normal. Scott keeps pointing to things on purpose just so I have to turn my head in that direction … he’s not always nice ya know.

I am thankful that tomorrow is my rest day.  I need a rest. I talked to a few boot campers and we are going to try to do a run after camp a few times next week — nothing major, just around the both buildings — to add more cardio into the mix.

Plumbline Training boot camp:

warmup 2 rounds
backwards lunges
straight leg lifts (right leg, left leg)
high knees
tuck jumps

core 2 rounds/1 min each
ab twists going up and down on command
6 inches
50 push-ups

workout 3 rounds/1 min each station/AMRAP with 2 rest/active stations
heavy jump ropes
45lb bb snatch squats/OH squats /back to snatch squats
25lb db lunge squats/straddle hops w/ 25lb dumbells/back to lunge squats
power clean squats 25lb kettlebells
push-ups with your feet in rings/knees to elbows with your feet in the rings

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