Day: April 1, 2010

Notable News

Organic: What it means on different products – Organic: What it means on different products You see the word more and more, but what does it say about what it’s on? Here are tips for fruits and vegetables, dairy and meat, cosmetics, processed foods more »

Early Adopters

Ipad was the big star of last night’s Modern Family.  The dad, Phil, totally reminds me of my husband Scotty.  And 2 quotes really solidified that to me again last nite — Image Credit: Eric McCandless/ABC “Not just that, the iPad comes out on my more »

Cool Fitness Tools

I have found that when I have some sort of immediate feedback from my workout, it helps keep me engaged. Immediate being the key word. I found this article: Top 5 Fitness Apps For Your Iphone Or Ipod Touch | Tech News, Reviews, Business, Health more »


Something I did yesterday really did a number on my neck. I can’t turn it to the right so it made this a bit more challenging than normal. Scott keeps pointing to things on purpose just so I have to turn my head in that more »