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While this article focuses on teenage males and eyebrow maintenance, I thought it would be worthwhile to broaden the scope of the discussion a bit. First a few observations to share.

A few years ago I returned to the good ole jersey shore to spend the day on the boardwalk and beach with my mom, sister, Scott, and the kids. What became abundantly clear to me on that trip was that many of the beach regulars look exactly like what I remember the Jersey beach regulars looked like when I was in High School — that is not necessarily a compliment! Time had stood still. One thing had changed though – I noticed the guys in their sleeveless shirts had their eyebrows waxed. It was so obvious, and many of them had nicer brows than women I know!!

Then last night, I was watching some cheesy reality show – The Millionaire Matchmaker – and they had this guy on whose eyebrows were a bit too shaped for my taste and I thought to myself — am I missing something here?

Don’t get me wrong – I certainly am not a fan of the uni-brow on a man, but I also don’t like a man who has perfectly coiffed eyebrows either. Neatly trimmed is the way to go in my mind for a guy…clean ’em up but don’t over shape them!

For women – a nicely shaped brow can make all the difference in how you look. I am sure you have heard of Anastasia. She’s famous for her eyebrow shaping talents. I did not know this until my sister “C” told me – Anastasia offers eyebrow shaping services in some Nordstroms at her Anastasia Brow Studio. You can see if there is one near you at her website: store locator. I am told it’s expensive, but from what I have seen – it’s worth it. Many of the thousands of local nail salons offer the service too and I have found a few that do a great job – but it’s also a crap shoot. There are times when I have gotten a mediocre eyebrow wax and have had to finish the job or fill in any gaps when I got home.

As the article said – I, too, am a fan of Tweezerman tweezers. I have used others and always come back to my trusty Tweezermans. They tend to be a bit on the expensive side but  it’s worth it and the company offers free sharpening. I have found some good tutorials on their website like shaping and maintaining your brows.

If you have never had your eyebrows shaped – I strongly encourage you to get it done. You will see a marked difference in your appearance and you will never go back!!