Day: April 15, 2010

Notable News

EAT: DIY Greek Style Yogurt So many of us eat Greek Yogurt. It can be really expensive and I have found the newer ‘cheaper’ versions – like from Yoplait – are actually a small bit higher in calories and a small bit lower in protein. more »

Yup, a Certified Dork.

Before I share some ‘notable news’ with you – I wanted to tell you a story about my Hannah & Scott. It is still making me laugh and I hope it translates well here… Hannah and I were on our way home from an errand more »

Giving back

To me a vital part of living a healthy life is giving back. Giving back does not have to be any huge production either. There are tons of small ways to do it.  For those of you that have volunteered, you know that there is more »


Good morning! I had a great workout and am in the greatest mood! It may be partly due to a new personal best: I posted my fastest 1 mile time EVER: 7:54! Nothing like seeing a marked improvement in your effort to reboost and reaffirm more »