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EAT: DIY Greek Style Yogurt

So many of us eat Greek Yogurt. It can be really expensive and I have found the newer ‘cheaper’ versions – like from Yoplait – are actually a small bit higher in calories and a small bit lower in protein. I have never tried to make my own but it seems pretty straight forward. Let me know if you have tried to do it before.

Bend and stretch those hamstrings

I seriously have the tightest hamstrings and we think it may have contributed to my back issues last week. Here is a good exercise to do to help loosen those hamstrings – you need a chair – that’s it! No excuses.

Report On The State of U.S. Health

Life life expectancy in the United States is now 77.9 years —

Mortality from heart disease, stroke and cancer continue to decline but the leading cause of death for people age 65 and older is still heart disease. The leading cause of death for people age 1-44 is unintentional injuries.

If you think about it, lifestyle changes can really impact our lives and our health. Eating healthy, exercising, relaxing, meditating, doing yoga or other fun activities have been proven over and over to be the antidote to modern illness. Stop the wars and put that money into education, school lunches and fun physical education. I know it is utopia but I’d like to see this report in the future if we could accomplish that.

Yup, a Certified Dork.


Before I share some ‘notable news’ with you – I wanted to tell you a story about my Hannah & Scott. It is still making me laugh and I hope it translates well here…

Hannah and I were on our way home from an errand and I had just said something about “daddy is such a dork”. She immediately came to her dad’s defense like she should and said no he’s not – her frame of reference is that dorky kid in Wimpy Kid’s Diary book – Freggly. Obviously that was not what I meant but…. So I said Hannah when you get home, I want you to ask Dad the following questions – and I went over 5 specific questions and if he answers Yes to all of them – he’s pretty much a certified dork. Then I said and I am not saying that’s bad – heck I married him!!

So we get home and she heads right up stairs. Poor Scotty – having no context for the questions – Hannah says Daddy – I have some questions I need answered:

1 Do you like computers?
2 Do you play a lot of computer games?
3 Do you love Star Wars?
4 Do you read Science Fiction?
5 Do you like Space?

1 yes
2 yes
3 hesitant yes
4 yes doesn’t everyone?
5 yes everyone does!

So there you have it – A certified dork right there. Midway through question 3 he says – Mommy isn’t nice! I love that man – and all of his “hobbies”.

What about you? Do you know someone who would answer yes to 4-5 of the above questions? Is it YOU?

Giving back


To me a vital part of living a healthy life is giving back. Giving back does not have to be any huge production either. There are tons of small ways to do it.  For those of you that have volunteered, you know that there is very little in the world more rewarding than helping out others. I try to instill that awareness and understanding in own kids and am always looking for opportunities to show them ways they can make a difference. From my own experience, its really hard to find many real organized opportunities for kids under 13 to volunteer- but there are a few if you get creative and are willing to do some legwork.

– visiting a senior center or home. We call these grama and grampa centers at our house.
– walking along side our community ponds with friends picking up garbage. When we go for a walk in general we bring a bag to pick up any garbage or litter we see.  We have also have done this with our Brownie troop and will do it again this year.
– finding a local charitable group that accepts good condition, used toys. The kids go through their own toys, pick some and then we deliver them as a family.

Don’t get me wrong – there is a lot of value in having them save and give money to charities or send letters etc – but I do think there is something intrinsically more valuable in younger kids experiencing the immediate impact of their actions and being able to see that what they do can make a real difference, even if it’s as simple as a smile and a hug.

Here is a great site that helps inspire high school students to give back:
Youth Noise is a nice web 2.0 resource for high school students to explore charitable causes and lend support to causes. Youth Noise allows users to create profiles, find information about current world events, and voice opinions on current issues. Some of the causes student can explore and support include animal rights, education, government, tolerance, and poverty.



Good morning! I had a great workout and am in the greatest mood! It may be partly due to a new personal best: I posted my fastest 1 mile time EVER: 7:54! Nothing like seeing a marked improvement in your effort to reboost and reaffirm your commitment!

I am so happy that my Plumbline boot camp is outside. I needed to feel refreshed and renewed towards it and this was just what the doctor ordered. It was chilly this morning but mid way through the warm-up all the hoodies come off and we are all sweating like fools. Now that’s my idea of a good workout – leaving sweat, snot and blood in our wake.

Warmup x 2:
high knees
heel to butt

Core x 2
general stretching
good mornings (lean over and then jump up)
50 push-ups

1 mile run
box push-ups x 2
25db lunges (aka HELL)
65lb OH push press
45lb sandbag dead lifts x 2

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