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Nuts: Impact on Weight and Health


Nuts: Impact on Weight and Health.

I like to eat almonds to get some extra protein from time to time. I do remember that a nutritionist told me to be careful if I am trying to lose weight though – and nuts should generally be off the menu when that is the case.  They do have a ton of benefits so I guess if you can keep the quantity in check – it’s a safe bet.

How about you? Do you have issues just eating a “handful” of nuts?

The Dirty Dozen


My friend Dianne sent me this image this morning. We had gone out for coffee last week and were talking about what foods we should consider buying organic. Hope you find it helpful too!

(I have no idea where this image came from – so if it’s yours, no copyright infringement intended)

Challenging but achievable


Plumbline Training workout:

Warmup x 2
skip jumps

Core x 2
partner ball toss 14lb
partner situps
25 reverse high 5 pushups

45lb split jerks
100 jump rope
wall ball squats
200m run
25lb kettlebell swings

I downgraded the weight I am using for the split jerks. My foot is still sore from my fall last week and I realized that the 65lbs is not only physically too heavy, mentally it is too. I finished the workout in 29:00 min and felt great after wards, like it was finally the kind of workout that I should have each and every day. There is something to be said about making a workout challenging but achievable at the same time. I think one of the issues I have been having at Plumbline was that many times, the weight was just too heavy. I spent much of my workout struggling to do the reps on one particular station instead of getting through the workout. It can be hard but do-able and you still are improving…

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