Month: July 2010

The Great AOL Kids Giveaway — 22 Days of Giveaways

The Great AOL Kids Giveaway — 22 Days of Giveaways. AOL Kids is celebrating their launch with 22 days of giveaways. Check out all the GREAT items up for grabs in The Great AOL Kids Giveaway.

Post Race Recovery?

It so beautiful outside.. 80’s and a breeze – I havent run on the trail in a few weeks so I knew it was a perfect day for it. I squeaked out a 5m run but not without stopping a few times.  I am not more »


Cheaters! « LifeAsRx. I find this post humorous – it’s something I think about a lot too — cheating on your reps. I remind myself that you are only hurting yourself if you cheat and it’s not about other people – it’s about me. Sometimes more »

A Tribute to Alexandra Scott – Alex’s Lemonade Stand

Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation: A Tribute to Alexandra Scott. What an amazing little girl who battled so bravely — thinking of others while in the midst of her own illness. Her parents are amazing and strong and inspire me still. How amazing the impact she more »

Lunges vs Me

Once again I meet up with my nemesis – the walking lunge but with a twist — pressing the 20lb dumbbells over your head. I think this is probably one of my very very very LEAST favorite exercises and then to have to do it more »

Another fine Wednesday

Good Morning Folks! It’s another fine Wednesday here in Ashburn — mid way thru the week — starting to feel closer to my pre-strep self.  Had a pretty decent workout today — I did go down in weight in the PT station — to 65lbs.  more »

Is there a place for humor in cancer?

I saw this question on Livestrong‘s Facebook page and wanted to put it out there as food for thought: Is there a place for humor in a cancer experience? New comedy show airing soon on Showtime called “The Big C“. It’s about a woman with more »

A Nice Surprise – a cool morning!

It was a pleasant morning with temps in the 60s. What a nice surprise – made the workout that much easier — NOT! But, it’s done and I can start my day. Warmup side shuffle push-ups checkpoints skip jumps Core x2 partner ball toss 14lb more »

Here’s my workout for the day – what did you do?

So while I feel night and day better now that I have finished my antibiotics – I feel that I am not at 100% yet. I did OK during the workout and have to remember that heck, at least i DID the workout.  I need more »

Should Females Train Differently Than Males?

I had a pretty good workout yesterday. I find that after a good challenging race (ie Rare Xfit Race) that I tend to see an improvement in some areas of my workout — my cardio seemed better yesterday. But have I mentioned it’s super hot more »