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The Great AOL Kids Giveaway — 22 Days of Giveaways


The Great AOL Kids Giveaway — 22 Days of Giveaways.

AOL Kids is celebrating their launch with 22 days of giveaways. Check out all the GREAT items up for grabs in The Great AOL Kids Giveaway.

Post Race Recovery?


It so beautiful outside.. 80’s and a breeze – I havent run on the trail in a few weeks so I knew it was a perfect day for it. I squeaked out a 5m run but not without stopping a few times.  I am not sure if its the strep or the trail race I did, but my performance is off. I am not running as fast as I did a few weeks ago and my mind tends to wander a bit. Anyone know if this is common after a rough race? The only thing I can find is some post race recovery information but it really doesn’t talk about it….

Mel from The Clothes Make the Girl shared this great Seasonal Ingredient Map

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Cheaters! « LifeAsRx.

I find this post humorous – it’s something I think about a lot too — cheating on your reps. I remind myself that you are only hurting yourself if you cheat and it’s not about other people – it’s about me. Sometimes that works, other times it pisses me off when I see someone finishing way ahead of me even though I know they modified a station or something. Why the heck do I care – I wonder…. again, they are hurting themselves and every move I make, benefits ME!

In recent weeks we here at Life AsRx have been discussing the subject of people cheating during their workouts. Although we would like to think this doesn’t happen in CrossFit we all know that occasionally certain individuals do shave reps to have a better score on the board. The question is, who is responsible (if anyone) for calling them out and how should it be done.

A Tribute to Alexandra Scott – Alex’s Lemonade Stand


Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation: A Tribute to Alexandra Scott.

What an amazing little girl who battled so bravely — thinking of others while in the midst of her own illness. Her parents are amazing and strong and inspire me still. How amazing the impact she is still having on people around the world…

This week marks 6 years since the founder of Alex’s Lemonade Stand, our daughter Alex, passed away after a 7 ½ year battle with cancer. She was 8 years old and we miss her every day. However, we are so grateful for her life and the gift she gave us in being able to continue to help children with cancer through the foundation. We are also extremely fortunate to know that Alex not only inspired us, but so many others in her life. In fact, through the years, we have received thousands of beautiful letters to Alex that are truly remarkable to read. So, as we mark another year without Alex, it seems fitting to honor what her life meant and continues to mean, not just to us, but to so many others. The “notes to Alex” below are all taken from letters we have received and we think that they serve as their own inspiring tribute to our amazing daughter!

Lunges vs Me


Once again I meet up with my nemesis – the walking lunge but with a twist — pressing the 20lb dumbbells over your head. I think this is probably one of my very very very LEAST favorite exercises and then to have to do it for 50 yards – that’s just overkill and mean.

Mikey set up the cones for the 50 yards and set it up short – so my pal Stac! whispers to me – the cone is closer! and I smile and nod – thinking – whoo hoo, shorter lunges YAHOOO! I finish that station, move on to the tabatas and by the time I hit the figure 8 kettle bell station – Mikey realized what he had done and went ahead and moved it back. Lunges win again!

warmup x2
front lunges
heel to butt

core x2
scissor kicks
sit ups (touch your heels each time)
back extensions alternating sides
50 push-ups

power clean squats 65lbs
20lb db walking lunges/back pedal back
tabatas x2
figure 8 press (25lb kettlebell)
step ups on box x 2

Walking Lunge Press with Dumbbells — powered by

Another fine Wednesday


Good Morning Folks! It’s another fine Wednesday here in Ashburn — mid way thru the week — starting to feel closer to my pre-strep self.  Had a pretty decent workout today — I did go down in weight in the PT station — to 65lbs.  It was still challenging but I feel weak still.  Mikey thinks its wrong to go down in weight..that you never go backwards….I’m not so sure..

200m run

core x2
stability ball crunches
stability ball twists
stability ball back head extensions
40 push-ups
general stretching

workout x2
200m run timed
155# deadlift (10)
hang clean squats (75lbs)
ball exchange

pt station
10, 9, 6 – 85lbs power clean push press
100 jump rope

Is there a place for humor in cancer?


I saw this question on Livestrong‘s Facebook page and wanted to put it out there as food for thought:

Is there a place for humor in a cancer experience? New comedy show airing soon on Showtime called “The Big C“. It’s about a woman with cancer and how it changes her perspective on life.

A Nice Surprise – a cool morning!


It was a pleasant morning with temps in the 60s. What a nice surprise – made the workout that much easier — NOT! But, it’s done and I can start my day.

side shuffle
skip jumps

Core x2
partner ball toss 14lb dynamax ball
hold and freeze
25 partner double high five push-ups

1 mi run timed (7:?? mi) (6:54mi last week)
65lb barbell ballistic push press
20lb db squats x2
14lb wall ball squats x2
50yd bounding

Here’s my workout for the day – what did you do?


So while I feel night and day better now that I have finished my antibiotics – I feel that I am not at 100% yet. I did OK during the workout and have to remember that heck, at least i DID the workout.  I need to get better at remembering to appreciate the successes and not just think of things that I haven’t done.
Thank God it is not as hot as it was this past weekend this AM. Although hot, it wasn’t unsufferably hot.  So here’s my workout for the day – what did you do today?

Warmup x 2:
rockette kicks
forward lunges

plank heel to elbow
straight leg/crunch lifts (i have no clue what these are called)
hip thrusters
25 push-ups
general stretching

3 min stations
pullups/jumping pullups (switch at half)
400 m run
bosu pushups/bosu burpees (switch at half)
400 m run
db swing squats
400 m run
rope wave lunges
400 m run
65lb front squats
400 m run

Should Females Train Differently Than Males?


I had a pretty good workout yesterday. I find that after a good challenging race (ie Rare Xfit Race) that I tend to see an improvement in some areas of my workout — my cardio seemed better yesterday. But have I mentioned it’s super hot ….like Arizona Hot which is not good for the DC area. I lived in Arizona and there is little humidity.  Northern VA – at least 50% which makes it un-enjoyable in every aspect.

Ran 1 mi
Various strength training
bosu push-ups
15mins on stairclimber
Stability ball crunches
ball lifts

Should Females Train Differently Than Males?.

I saw the topic below come up on one of the blogs I read and thought it was a good reminder to post.  Strength training for women will NOT bulk you up like a man. It is actually a VERY important part of a woman’s workout and exercise regime. It will help you perform better and also will benefit you later in life — think old lady hunched over and super weak.

Overall, strength training offers female athletes the same benefits that it offers male athletes! Regardless of their sport or gender, any athlete can benefit from increased sprinting speed, strength, balance, decreased body fat levels and a reduced incidence of injuries – all of which a properly designed strength-training program can provide. Also, studies have proven that strength training can have a positive effect on bone density, which will decrease your risk of osteoporosis later in life.

Even with all of the positive research out there with regards to strength training and female athletes, I still get asked the same question all of the time, “Will I end up looking like a man if I lift weights?” The answer is, “Absolutely not!” Much of the difference in muscle mass between males and females is attributed to hormones, specifically, testosterone. On average, men produce ten times more testosterone than females. Unless you’re a female who is taking anabolic steroids or other male hormones, lifting weights will NOT make you look like a man! Also, there is a difference in muscle mass distribution between men and women, especially in the upper body. So it is important to remember that male hormones and muscle mass distribution are the two main reasons that men usually carry more muscle than woman. These are 2 of the main factors why men who strength-train look more “bulky” than females who strength-train.

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