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Lunges rip me to the core…


Today’s workout camp was not one of my best performances – The workout was just too hard – the combo of the heat and weights I lifted — let’s just say it was not good.

Something about doing lunges just totally gets to my core — and almost brings me to tears. It mentally wears me down. You know in the Biggest Loser when they try to break one of the people down – lunges with weights does it to me.  I keep thinking to myself – this is hard on everyone and they are pushing through so just stop bitching and just do it — sometimes though that is not enough for me and I think HOW are they pushing thru. Seriously – I stop and think I just don’t know how they are able to pull through –it has gotten to the point where I could feel the tears welling up in my eyes.

My body is so sore too. It’s a new camp start and my body is hating me. I have a race on Sunday as well so I want to make sure that I am well rested:  RARE CrossFit 5 Mile Trail Run

warmup x2
front lunges
heel to butt

core x2
scissor kicks
situps (touch your heels each time)
back extensions alternating sides
50 push-ups

power clean squats 65lbs
20lb db walking lunges/back pedal back
tabatas x2
figure 8 press (25lb kettlebell)
step ups on box

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