Success any way you look at it today!

I think you will start to notice a theme in my posts this summer — I am not particularly at my best working in this heat and humidity. I just am not working at my peak level – and my sinus infection seems to be clearing out – which is not necessarily the greatest experience… Anyways – I got up and headed to workout as usual and did manage to finish but not in the most impressive time – but I did finish at the higher level. So success any way you look at it!!!

side shuffle
skip jumps

Core x2
partner ball toss 14lb dynamax ball
hold and freeze
25 partner double high five push-ups

1 mi run timed (7:?? mi) (6:54mi last week)
65lb barbell ballistic push press
20lb db squats x2
14lb wall ball squats x2
50yd bounding

I was going to go down a level today to accommodate the way I felt – but with pressure from Mikey and my own mind – I went ahead and did the normal level I do. I will let you know later if that was a good idea. I figure – I am there and might as well not cut corners and get the max benefit I can.

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