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Reflections on Letting Yourself Go


Sometimes when I am driving to work or out doing an errand – I will randomly notice other women that look to be close to may age. Some of them look great – while others, well they don’t look their best. In some cases, it looks like they have given up any sense of self. They don’t put themselves together, take a few minutes each day to tidy themselves up. I am not talking about full on glamour, but more than just wake up and put on the first pair of sweats you find on the floor. It really doesn’t take that much to do. I think the way you look says a lot about the way you feel about yourself in many ways.  So when I came across this on Piperline’s Facebook, I loved what it was saying- I used to not put a lot of thought into how I dress – then I found my passion and started to see the results of taking care of myself and part of that is looking my best.

I’m not talking about spending a fortune or having enough shoes to rival Imelda. I am talking about buying a few things that make you feel great, are comfortable and fit well.  A great pair of jeans can be found relatively inexpensively and for most of us, nothing is more comfy than that.  A great shoe – Target has some great ones to choose from. Just a few things that says to anyone around you – I do give a damn about me.

And if your reason is because you have gained weight or don’t like something about yourself — do something about it. If it bothers you that much, either learn to accept it or change it. To sit there stagnant is not the right thing to do. My heart sinks for some of the ladies I see out there – I am not talking about one certain kind of body type either. Fat, thin, skinny, tall, short – everyone can take a few minutes before they head out and fix themselves.  So why not start tomorrow?

Focus on losing the last few pounds


It was a hot and sweaty workout – but I felt good and finished in the 30 min time limit. My upper body is sore from yesterday’s workout – a good sore! I felt really good about today’s workout. It was hard and challenging but it was great. I feel good and was in a great mood.

After talking with Kimmy during my run on Saturday – I decided to get focused on losing the last few lbs I want to lose and that means really being aware of what I am eating and eliminating my usual night-time, post dinner dessert. It is usually a Skinny Cow ice cream cone. I love ice cream and this satisfied my craving while keeping the calories low. Kimmy is right though – if I really want to lose the rest – I need to be on lockdown and eliminate those extras. It’s a matter of how much I want it.

I am tracking it on – My Plate so that I can be more aware of what I am eating.  As Kimmy said – there is a reason they call the last few lbs the stubborn ones!

side shuffles
jump skips

core x2
Partner dynamax ball 14lb ball twists
Side toss
25 high five push-ups

800,400,200,100m run
SDHP 65lb
25lb db split jerks (each side)
woodchucks (20)
Sandbag dead lifts (45lb) x2

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