Day: August 11, 2010

Obesity may be linked to lower sperm count

Obesity is the latest health woe being blamed for low sperm counts among men of child-rearing age, Body Fat: A Threat To Future Babies? Maybe, at least according to a study on 2,157 young men published in this month’s Fertility and Sterility. Men with higher more »

Aug 14 – Run Amuck 2010 – Are you Ready?

These are the icons from all the obstacles I am going to come across this Saturday during Run Amuck – Run Amuck engages runners in a three and a half mile challenge filled with obstacles, mud pits, water blast and more!  The race, which begins more »

Eating Well on a Budget

From Underground Wellness:

Workout Wednesday with a Modified Handstand Push-up

Group training is on Weds. A group of 6 – heavier weights, more individual attention. Warmup 2min of jump rope Core x2 general stretching rocky tiers V-ups on the BOSU 6inches with BOSU on your legs (this one is hard!) 30 push-ups (tennis ball placed more »