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Obesity may be linked to lower sperm count


Obesity is the latest health woe being blamed for low sperm counts among men of child-rearing age,

Body Fat: A Threat To Future Babies?

Maybe, at least according to a study on 2,157 young men published in this month’s Fertility and Sterility.

Men with higher body mass indexes also had lower sperm counts, although still within the normal range. And BMI doesn’t necessarily offer an accurate indicator of body fat levels — although previous studies have already found a link between men’s body fat distribution and poor semen quality.

Sperm Count Down: What’s Killing Off America’s Semen?

Aug 14 – Run Amuck 2010 – Are you Ready?

Running Jumping Jacks - single count, 10 repetitions 36" orange wall - water filled barricade runners will jump over Tires - football style tire drill Mud Pit - enough said
barbwire crawl - clothesline tired 24 inches above the ground.  Runners will crawl under the clothesline! Hay Bales - slalom around hay bales Orange barricade / mud pit - runners will go over the barricades and into the second mud pit Bring on mud pit #2
Crunches - 10 single count Natural Logs - scattered on ground, runners will need to be cautious Pipes - runners will crawl through the pipes which will have water dripping from top Flutter Kicks - 10 single count, lay on your back and alternate legs vertically Fire Hose - fire department will be out with their hose spraying down runners

These are the icons from all the obstacles I am going to come across this Saturday during Run Amuck

Run Amuck engages runners in a three and a half mile challenge filled with obstacles, mud pits, water blast and more!  The race, which begins at 7 a.m. in Historic Butler Stadium, follows McCard Road for two miles before turning into a rugged offroad run along the Stadium Trail.  After exiting Stadium Trail, it’s back to the streets for the finish on the Butler Stadium track.

I’m excited and nervous all at the same time!

Eating Well on a Budget


From Underground Wellness:

Workout Wednesday with a Modified Handstand Push-up


Group training is on Weds. A group of 6 – heavier weights, more individual attention.

2min of jump rope

Core x2
general stretching
rocky tiers
V-ups on the BOSU
6inches with BOSU on your legs (this one is hard!)
30 push-ups (tennis ball placed on the floor and each time your chest needs to touch the ball)

Workout x2
OH Squats 75lb
Roman Deadlifts 135lbs
Toe to Bar
powerclean split 25lb db
row to curl 55lbs
shoulder press 75lbs — I am going down in weight next week bc it proved to be too heavy for me

PT Station
Handstand push-ups – See image to the left -this is a modified p/up which is what I do with knees on box, and bc of that it’s x2. Note how her arms are straight and not bent. You can try this at home with a chair or something.
Farmer run 35lbs 50yds
OH Squat 65lbs
time: 6:59

*the image used obove was found at a crossfit site: Crossfit Invictus. Check out crossfit if you are looking for a really challenging, high intensity, but real life workout.

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