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Yes this is from this morning’s workout and no it is not from the rain. That is hard earned sweat! It was a hot and humid morning for a boot camp workout! When it was over – driving home – the rain started pouring down. I thought how lucky we were that we got through the entire workout before the down pour!

A bunch of us are really sore this week. It’s a new routine which always brings soreness but Mikey seems to be on a deadlift kick — Deadlifts on Tues, Roman Deadlifts on Weds, and today – can you guess it — yes Deadlifts! Lower backs beware!


high knees
heel to butt
front walking lunges

core x 2

6 inch flutters
on stomach/opposite leg/arm raises
50 pushups

BOR (bent over rows) 65lbs
20lb db push press squats
1/2 mi run on the 15 and 9 rep round
deadlifts (135#)
100 jump ropes

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