My big sis Deb was out here visiting for the week. It’s been such a great week too. She got to spend one on one time with HB and my mom came down too. Although the heat got to her, she did manage to go out and see some sites too. It’s hard to live so far from your sisters —

I drove Dee to the airport this morning and came back to go on my Saturday run. I managed to squeak out about 3.5 miles — it was tough though! The combo of a changed routine and heat  – I had a pit in the middle of my stomach throughout the run. Not sure if it was because of the coffee I drank or what. But it’s done now and I am on with the rest of the day.

My sister left, and Scott’s family came in yesterday. We are off to show them a good time — probably hit up some of the national parks — observe the beauty of Virginia –there is so much to choose from.