I’m down in body fat and lbs this week. The 4th week of the 4 week boot camp session we get our body fat checked. While not 100% accurate – it gives you a general idea of where you are.  I have been much more diligent about my extra snacking and have been trying something new. Before my 545a workout, I have been drinking 8oz of Fat Free Calorie Countdown Milk with 1/3 of a scoop of chocolate protein powder mixed in – so it’s like chocolate milk. My theory is that I need some fuel to get movin in the morning and so far, I am down 4lbs since I started doing that. I’m not saying that’s what is doing it because I have also curbed my after dinner dessert routine as well.

Because Scott is away – I had my neighbor Tim come over to watch the kids and I headed for a 915a boot camp.  It’s good to try a different group every now and then to mix things up. It’s amazing how a smaller group of women can change the entire feel of the workout. Not good or bad — just different.

And I am not sure if it was the heat later in the day or the cup of coffee I drank before I headed off — but I had the dry heaves after finishing this workout. I probably should have eaten something but my routine was all off….or maybe I just pushed myself hard — who knows.

Rockette Kicks
Forward Lunge

pilate half-pikes
bicycle up and downs
25 bottom up push-ups
general stretching

65lb back squats
power clean press 25lb db
lunge squats x3
ring push ups x2
200m,100m, 200m, 100m, 200m

I’m on a week vacation from work and will be kicking it by the pool today with the kiddos. Ahh… pool time!