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Online Shoppers Beware! Has A Sneaky Online Price Mark-Up

Last week I told you all about my hunt to get my daughter this great shearling coat I saw in my local Gap store. The short version of the story is they didn’t have the coat in her size anywhere in N.Y.C. so I had my mom get it for me from a Gap store by her…two states away.

Well, you’re probably wondering why I didn’t just order it online. Here’s why:

The jacket is $59.50 if you buy it in a Gap store, but if you buy it online it’s $64.50.

I know, I know, it’s only a $5 price difference, but it infuriates me that Gap is selling the exact same coat for $5 more on their website. Add shipping to that and it’s a $12 mark-up just for shopping online. What gives?

And just to be sure it wasn’t just this coat, I did some research. I bought my daughter the cable knit hat for $16.50 in a Gap store.

If you buy it online, you’ll spend $24.50 for it. That’s an $8 difference for the exact same hat.

Of course, because I can be a little maniacal about my online shopping, I emailed Gap’s customer service to see why the jacket was more online and it they would honor the lower price offered in stores. 2 days later I got a horrible response about not being able to sell me the coat at the lower price with no explanation for why it was more expensive online. They also offered me a 10% off discount, which never came but that’s another story.

So a word to all you smart shoppers out there–go to your Gap store first! is a total rip-off because they’re selling the exact same merchandise for $5-$10 more than in the stores. Maybe they thought no one would notice because of the whole logo controversy, but we’re smarter than you think Gap.