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Dollars for Docs: What Drug Companies are Paying Your Doctor


I find this database really interesting — You can find out if your doctor is taking payments from drug companies
for speaking and consulting. I always wonder when Doctors seem to favor one drug over another –what comes into play. I am sure most drs have a patient needs first but you do have to wonder if being paid by pharmaceutical companies help move the needle in their favor.

Dollars for Docs  What Drug Companies are Paying Your Doctor

Boot Camp owner: Exercise is A matter of life and death


Boot Camp owner: Exercise is A matter of life and death

Exercise really is one thing that every one of us can do and it almost guarantees a return on your investment –improved health and reduced risks of many diseases.  The power is in our hands — so Just Do It!

“While smoking is prevalent in many other countries as well, studies show that the US remains the home of the most obese adults,” says Natalie Lahnan, CPT owner of the Naples/Marco Island Adventure Boot Camp for Women. “According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, an estimated 67 percent of Americans aged 20 and older are either overweight or obese. And research has shown that these people have an increased risk of premature death as compared to individuals with a healthy weight.”

Lahnan points to what doctors and public health officials have been saying for years: that obesity-caused ailments such as heart disease, strokes, high blood pressure, diabetes, as well as some kinds of cancer, can lead to premature death.

Monday Monday Workout


I’m feeling better but not at my 100% but of course -well enough to get my butt out of bed and head for a workout! And of course I had to bang my shin on the metal barbell this morning -leaving a big bruise on my leg. That is such a ‘Stephanie‘ thing to do. If someone is going to get banged up at boot camp, it’s going to be me.

Day 6 of my ‘Paleo’ eating 2 week challenge –and today was weigh in. I am down 3lbs. It’s hard to tell if it was because I was sick for a few days or because of this eating plan — I guess time will tell.

rockette kicks
forward lunges

good mornings
25 bottom up push-ups
general stretching

push press squat
20lb db squats
800,450,200,100,50m run
3 135lb dead lifts
20lb windmills (rep count each side)

Here’s a pic of our weekend outing with some Plumbline ladies to celebrate our fellow camper Tina’s birthday:

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