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Sisters Make People Happy


Recently I have really appreciated how great it is to have sisters. There really is nothing out there that can replace the bond, memories and the feeling of ‘home’ you get with a sister —

Why Sisterly Chats Make People Happier

Having a Sister Makes You Happier”: that was the headline on a recent article about a study finding that adolescents who have a sister are less likely to report such feelings as “I am unhappy, sad or depressed” and “I feel like no one loves me.”

These findings are no fluke; other studies have come to similar conclusions. But why would having a sister make you happier?

The usual answer — that girls and women are more likely than boys and men to talk about emotions — is somehow unsatisfying, especially to a researcher like me. Much of my work over the years has developed the premise that women’s styles of friendship and conversation aren’t inherently better than men’s, simply different.

I have mentioned this before this this post: Having a Sister Makes you a Kinder Person

Finishing is NOT optional workout


I just knew that today’s workout was going to be my least favorite workout of this month’s session.  It’s that 25lb plate OH Run that just kills it for me. How deep do I need to dig to get through that, because trust me — I dig pretty darn deep to struggle through and it never seems to get easier.

I woke up with the start of a cold –seems I can’t catch a break. My family thinks it’s because of my new eating approach. I wonder if it’s my body rebelling and ‘missing‘ the toxins that I used to eat. Time will tell I guess –but it definitely made heading to workout that much harder. When that alarm went off at 5a — the first thing i thought was ‘there is no way it could be 5a already‘ — I know we all have had that thought from time to time!

side shuffle
jump skips

partner ball tear drops 14lb dynamax ball
partner crunches (hook ankles and keep your hands on your shoulders at all times)
general stretching
25 partner double high 5 push-ups

checkpoint push-ups
20lb db lunge squats x2
100m bounding/primal walk
200m run with 25lb plate OH
65lb back squats

I did finish but not in the 30 min timeframe — but I am ok with that. In my final round — I was doing the primal walk and I literally stopped and sat on my butt thinking about just stopping and heading home. I was over the time limit anyways — so, I finished the crawl and headed to get my stuff. But then I realized — I was so close to being done, time limit or not, and that finishing is not optional. So I picked up that 25lb plate and fast walked it the 200ms and finished.  Sometimes you have to dig deeper and find the strength to to just do it!

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