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Paleo/Primal eating update


Busy day for me today – I have to drive down to Williamsburgh for a work meeting and back home — it’s a long drive but oh well .. You gotta do what you gotta do! I am glad Weds is a rest day from exercise!!

My cold is still lingering but it’s not as bad as it could have been. I’m on Day 7 of Paleo eating and so far so good.  I havent really missed eating wheat or sugar if you can believe it, nor have I been really hungry. Time will tell how my body responds to it but I do feel better overall — more energy, my face seems clearer, and my stomach definitely seems to be flatter — Could this type of eating really be what the doctor ordered??

Obese Children’s Arteries Show Signs of Heart Disease


Obese Children’s Arteries Show Signs of Heart Disease.

The hazards of being an obese child go beyond schoolyard teasing or being picked last in gym. The arteries of obese children exhibit a stiffness normally found in adults with heart disease, according to a new study from BC Children’s Hospital in Vancouver.

Canadian researchers looked at 63 obese children and 55 children of normal weight, both groups with an average age of 13. The obese children had abnormal results on an ultrasound test of the heart and blood vessels, which measures how quickly blood flows through the body.

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