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Marie Claire: thanks for joining the intolerance bandwagon


Maura Kelly on Mike and Molly – Overweight Couples on Television – Marie Claire.

Whether or not this blogger feels this way isn’t really the issue in my mind. It’s why write this — who are you trying to help or empower? If being thin and healthy and skinny were that easy –EVERYONE would be. There is no snapping of your fingers, no magic pill and so many factors come into play when trying to figure out why someone is obese. Are there some that simply don’t want to get off their ass and do something about it? Yes — many actually, absolutely —  but perpetuating thoughts and discussions about intolerance and discrimination have no value. Sharing words of hate or intolerance no matter what the topic has no place in the world.

It’s not that much different than what happened with the stupid Ark. board member who posted that mean spiritied, hate filled anti-gay rant – Yes, you can think whatever you want in this great country of America and you can for the most part even share it —but that doesn’t mean you should.

Think about your intentions before you put something out there — I don’t think that Marie Claire blogger, Maura Kelly did at all.  People struggling with weight loss have enough media pressure, society pressures, self pressures –they don’t need to hear some random person with a public platform perpetuating more intolerance on their behalf.

The other day, my editor asked me, “Do you really think people feel uncomfortable when they see overweight people making out on television?”

Because I can be kind of clueless — I’m not much of a TV person — I had no idea what she was talking about, so she steered me to this CNN article, about the CBS sitcom Mike & Molly. As CNN explains, “the show centers around a couple who meet at an Overeaters Anonymous group [and] has drawn complaints for its abundance of fat jokes [as well as] cries from some viewers who aren’t comfortable watching intimacy between two plus-sized actors.”


Priorities for Eating Paleo on a Budget


Priorities for Eating Paleo on a Budget

Some good ideas and info on eating Paleo from a San Fran nutritionist who advises that real food for real people is the way to go.

These are my tips to help you to navigate which foods are the most critical to buy at the highest quality level and which you can set lower on your priority list and save for the times when you have some extra cash to spend on your food.

Eating with a Paleo or Primal approach can seem daunting when you realize that you are no longer going to rely on the cheap, filler ingredients you may have become accustomed to buying on a regular basis. No more rice and beans. No more bread, pasta or cereal. These are all cheap foods. And rightfully so; they provide poor nutritional value when you compare them to vegetables, meat, fruit, nuts, seeds and quality fats and oils.

The concept of a Paleolithic or evolutionary approach to eating is that we rely on whole foods that are in a very edible form as they exist in nature with very little “processing” required between when it’s picked or killed and when it’s eaten. This is the biggest part of an evolutionary approach to eating that resonated with me, besides the fact that it’s based on consuming whole foods of high quality. That said, getting your hands on the best quality vegetables, fruits, meats, nuts, seeds, fats and oils can be cost prohibitive if you’re trying to buy the top of the line ingredients across the board.

Small changes or big changes — they can all lead to the same path!


Day 9 Update of Paleo eating and I feel great — energized and there is a noticeable change in the way I feel. Even at my most energetic, I felt what i would describe as sluggish. It has never been something I could put my finger on but I have more than once talked to my general p Doctor explaining the way I felt and that there had to be a reason for it. I shouldn’t be that tired all the time — maybe it had to do with my body’s response to eating wheat/gluten. My big sis, Dee has a diagnosed gluten sensitivity but it never occurred to me that I could have one too but that it affected me differently. I am beginning to think that maybe that’s what was causing my overall fatigue. I have never gone for this long without gluten/wheat products of any kind. In fact it has been a staple in my diet always — as I am sure it is with most of the people out there.

-even waking up at o’dark thirty seems easier — I didn’t say EASY though, it is 5a afterall!! And I have noticed that I havent hit that super tired wall I seem to always hit mid afternoon.

I want to point out that when I decided to try the Paleo approach to my diet —  I set a goal of 2 weeks before deciding if its working and whether or not it’s the right thing for me.  Change doesn’t have to happen all at once. You can give something a chance, try it out — and then decide. It’s the same with making healthy changes in your life. Want to start an exercise program, stop drinking soda, cut back on drinking wine?  Set a goal for the trial period, Once you reach that trial goal, evaluate how it went, how you felt, improvements, changes, then commit. Small changes or big changes — they can all lead to the same path!

Pre-Halloween Workout


A blustery, chilly day –which for me, is welcome. It is almost November after all! Halloween is this weekend which can only mean one thing — CANDY! So make sure you have a plan in place so you dont end up eating it all weekend long. And it’s ok if that plan is to enjoy a few pieces of the loot as long as its a limited amount and it doesn’t cause you to continue to eat it day after day! Moderation!!!

450m run

toe touches
general stretching
40 push-ups

45lb lateral squat
SDHP 85lbs
25lb kb windmills
40lb db squats
ring dips
75lb push press <– i went down in lb to not aggravate my bicep pull which is better but still not 100%

New Plumbline Training Station to end the month’s session
The 50s
50 pushups
50 tabatas
50 box jumps
50 25 db push press
50 double unders/100 jump ropes if you cant do the DUs.

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