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CSPI helps mom sue McDonald’s over Happy Meal toys


Here’s the article to go with my post from yesterday:
Parents and Mcdonalds

The Checkup – CSPI helps mom sue McDonald’s over Happy Meal toys.

The D.C.-based nutrition watchdog group Center for Science in the Public Interest has helped a California mother file a class-action suit against McDonald’s, demanding that the burger chain stop marketing toys to children.

Have I mentioned how cold it is workout?


I thought for sure we would not be running outside today — it was like 20′ outside, there is a chance of snow, and ice on the ground. I am not a wuss but cold is cold — and running outside is not my idea of fun when it’s that cold. But — we did indeed run outside for 900m. I had bought this really cool Nike hat recently and based on all this outside running we have been doing, it was the best purchase yet! It fits snugly around my ears and is a thick material that is warm and has a pony tail holder! I have appreciated it each time we have run outside lately — I highly recommend it if you do any sort of outside activity.

back lunges
high knees
straight leg dead lifts

hip thrusters
6in flutters
general stretching
50 push-ups

5min stations – AMRAP
rope waves (1m left arm, 1m right arm, 1min both arms, 1m left, 1m right)
Assisted pull-ups
20lb db step ups (switch legs half point)

450m run x2 <– Yeah, it was brutal

SDHP 65lbs

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