O’dark Thirty workout

We got snow yesterday — about 2in but in true Northern VA fashion, school was let out 2 hours early and we have a 2 hour delay this AM.  Growing up in Northern NJ — I swear school was never canceled for snow.  I don’t know if they delay and cancel now because of insurance and risk issues — people will sue over anything now a days. Honestly.

The pic to the left is the sunrise as I drove home this morning. See the beautiful things you get to see when you are up at o’dark thirty!

warmup 2m
double under practice
tuck jumps

figure 8s
40 push ups
general stretching

WOD x2
155lb Roman Dead Lifts
Hamstring Curls 20lb KB
75lb hang cleans
45lb KB Swings
Handstands (Climbing up the wall)

PT Station
ground press 75lbs
20lb Figure 8s KBs
box jumps
Finished in 5mins today — which was 10s improvement over last week!

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