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It’s all mental workout!


So I headed to boot camp at 545a this morning, even though I worked out last night. It’s part of my routine – I can’t help it! But I definitely felt the impact on my energy and strength. Next week boot camp is off – so I will probably head to Gold’s to get some training in.

I have not been sticking to an all Paleo eating approach – although I haven’t gone completely off the wagon. Wheat/gluten as a staple is no longer status quo for me. I did have some chocolate yesterday and a few treats at our team pot luck on Tuesday. But I am so crazy about it — I felt such guilt. It’s frustrating that I can’t be ‘ok‘ with having a treat now and then without thinking ‘OMG – It’s going to ruin all I have done‘. In the upcoming year – I am going to work on being kinder to myself and focus on retraining my internal voice when it comes to body image and my relationship with eating/food.

Today’s workout included a 1/2 m run outside and let me tell you — when you first go outside, you say ‘oh this isn’t too bad‘. Ha – turn the corner and this super cold blast of wind greets you and you eat your words! It felt like we were running with a weighted vest on! Couple that with asthma – my lunges kept seizing up whenever I took a breath and as you can imagine, I took a lot of breaths — it was tough but I got through it.

The thing to keep in mind is that right after that run, I have to come in and continue on — that’s when mental grit comes into play. That only comes with training and practice! You do the best you can and the next time you do it – you improve! Over and over again!

And now – it’s not even 9a. I have already worked out – and can continue on with my day!

Crossfit WOD


Last nite I headed over to a crossfit gym that is opening in Ashburn for a test WOD. I am really excited to see that Crossfit Impavidus* has finally come to Loudoun County. For those of you that don’t know what crossfit is here is a good video that gives you an idea:

One of the great things about Xfit besides the workouts is that the people who run the gyms and the entire culture has a sense of humor — you work hard, you play hard, you live hard — and you have a great time doing it! The owners and coaches of Crossfit Impavidus are a great group — day jobs, varied backgrounds — all certified in Crossfit training. Their future plans include Crossfit Kids which is Awesome! Teaching kids functional training and conditioning is so important and there will be something else out there for those kids not necessarily into team sports but still athletic as well as those kids that want extra training to improve their performance for their team sport.

It was a group of 8 of us. We started out with a Warmup that included jumping jacks and suicide relays –2 groups of 4  the  team that came in last had to do 10 burpees — the winning team 5. We came in DFL (dead last) – so 10 burpees or us! Whee!

To prepare us for the WOD (workout of the day), we spent some time reviewing the push press exercise. Conan – the coach, first reviewed each step of the movement with us step by step. Then with PVC pipes, we practiced it a few times. He made sure to tell us to go down in weight if at any time our form is compromised. It’s not about getting hurt – it’s about doing it right.  And all levels of experience and fitness are accomodated – the workout can be as easy or tough as you want. So if the weight is too heavy, you can even do it without a weight. Whatever works for you —

So then we were ready to do the WOD –

partner up
10 mins AMRAP (rotate at 1m)
45lb Push Press
butterfly sit ups (rest active)

So each partner did 5 rounds and you add up your reps for the push press only. My team came in 2nd! Whoo Hoo!!

They are doing a soft opening in Jan to introduce Crossfit to the community — so those of you looking to start on your journey of health and fitness, this may be just the ticket you are looking for!

*i have been contracted by Crossfit Impavidus to help with social marketing to get the word out about Crossfit!
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