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Restaurant trends for 2011


Eating out in 2011 will be about health! Although skeptical, this is great to read because it shows that it’s on the minds of those in the food business.  Of course the fact that they are mentioning improving kids’ nutrition makes me even happier! Let’s keep our eye on this one —

Happy eating in 2011!!

Ahead of the new Dietary Guidelines for Americans and impending regulatory standards for calorie postings in restaurants, smart chefs and restaurateurs are aligning their plans with the changing nutritional tide. Thus, eating out in 2011 will be all about health and flavor. Here are some of the predictions: Locally sourced ingredients. After a few tough years with outbreaks of food-borne illness and frequent food recalls, consumers want to know where their food is coming from. The closer, the better. Roof top and back yard gardens are supplying restaurants with the freshest herbs and produce available. Smaller portions. Whether it’s supersize fatigue or a sluggish economy, restaurant patrons are opting for smaller portions or sharing entrees. Fixed price meals and other cost-saving deals will continue to be on the menu. Big flavor. The portions might be smaller, but the flavor is bigger. Ethnic and artisan foods turn a meal into a taste experience. For your consideration: coconut-infused flavor, ancient grains, flavorful cheeses, and local, artisanal beers and liquors. New twist on kid friendly. From the White House to the school lunch room, childhood nutrition is getting a much needed overhaul. Instead of the traditional fried strips of chicken and potatoes, look for more nutritious meal offerings to include fruit, veggies, and milk. Dessert anyone? Yogurt, gourmet popsicles, and pie are topped with or filled with fruit and flavor combinations to delight. Allergy awareness. For those with food allergies, dining away from home is a gamble. Smart restaurants know that clean kitchens and food handling practices that prevent cross contamination could open the doors to new patrons.

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Sleeping In


I have got to get back on the clean eating program again.  I have had cookies, pie, ice cream, whipped cream, and BREAD! Yes i did — last night when we were out for Scott’s birthday.  I feel like crap though — not sleeping very well, overall fatigued. Shows what crap eating does to your body when you have been away from it for a while —

I am going to go workout tonite. The kids are home and Scott had to work – so since I didn’t get up super early, my only option is to go to the gym tonite.  Boot camp is off this week – so I am giving my body a rest and extra time to sleep in. And let me tell you – it feels good to sleep past 5a!

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