I skipped my workout yesterday — I was worn out from the holiday and just needed a rest. The mental game I play though sometimes makes skipping not worth it.  I start to feel the guilt of every bite I eat and then the thoughts of am I am slipping into the abyss. I know these are irrational thoughts — we all get a break and a few days of eating less than ideal foods isn’t going to kill me. It may set me back a few days but this is a journey and I can recover — I have before and I will again.  Also

In order to hold me accountable –  I emailed a few of the boot camp ladies and we met up at LA Fitness in Leesburg and did a boot camp session at 6A.  I feel so much better!

stationary bike

crunch holding 15lb weight above



EIO, STAC!, Skullcrusher

1m stations x2
Shoulder Press 55lbs
20lb tricep kickback
power clean squat 20lb
25lb walking lunges

Finished with 30 push-ups and practiced kip pull ups.

If you think there is a chance of you not keeping your commitment to fitness during the holidays– figure out a way to make it super hard for you NOT to. Emailing my friends and setting up an appointment to meet up was the perfect way for me to ensure that I got up and headed out the door on time. And bonus – I got to hang out with my friends and have fun for an hour. If you are up that early, working out – you may as well as well make it fun and worthwhile.