This morning started off great.  It’s cold and blustery but at this point — it is winter so it’s expected and no excuse for missing my workout.  It was 2 15 minute circuits and of course kicks your butt!  One of the exercises we did was a platinum sit up.

You need some heavy dumb bells so you can slide your feet under them to hold in place —

platinum sit up
Start in a standing position with your feet under the dumb bells
go into a sit up position
using momentum, stand up again

yeah, pretty tough but once you get it, you get it!  Try one with someone holding your feet today and see how it goes!

I have mentioned the paleo approach I have been taking towards my eating lately.  I am not completely 100% to the program but I definitely have all but eliminated regular wheat/pasta/grains from my diet and have begun eating more fruits, veggies and lean protein. I really do feel better and my body looks leaner. I lost about 7lbs overall and seem to be stuck there — but the other benefits are definitely continuing. I am not ravenous like I once was. I am not fatigued and tired all the time. My stomach seems less bloated — all great benefits, right?

But – this eating plan may not be for everyone. Just like we are have different body types, come from different places of origin — not all eating approaches will work for everyone.  Some people are fine with eating more carbs than others — I know for me — I seem to have responded really well with lowering my grains intake — but that’s me.  Everyone should try the approach that works best for you — plain and simple!

I am happy to share info about Paleo eating with who ever asks me about it — but I am not the type of person that goes around recommending or educating random people about eating approaches. I am no nutritionist. I am just a regular joe – trying to live healthy and fit.