Day: January 15, 2011

Crossfit Acronyms

I have been talking about Crossfit more on and wanted to make sure that anyone who reads it has a reference point for the acronyms that I will use from time to time. Feel free to add any that are specific to your CF more »

1m AMRAP x3

As I mentioned, CFI had a free WOD today for anyone wanting to check it out. The set up was great too — 20 people broken up in groups of 5 and each group had a coach and they watched you as you did the more »

A Junk Food Hangover

So, last night I had Pizza. Cheesy, greasy Pizza. It’s hard living paleo all the time and sometimes it really is easier to just say Ahh, the hell with it — I want Pizza! So I did and I didn’t just have one slice — more »

Women’s Set Points

Women’s Set Points | Hunt.Gather.Love.. So interesting — I am conscience of body fat percentages and often wonder how women feel when they have sub 20% body fat. All I have read is about the danger of visceral fat, around your mid-section is the area more »