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Heart Health: Fruits and Veggies Are Life-Saving – ABC News


Duh — did we need a study for us to know?

While “5 a day” has traditionally been the mantra for fruit and veggie consumption, researchers found that those who consumed eight or more servings were 22 percent less likely to die from heart disease than those who consumed three or fewer servings a day.

Even among those who couldn’t manage the eight servings, more fruits and veggies consistently meant a lower risk; for every additional serving above two per day, researchers observed a four percent decrease in the rate of heart disease deaths.

via Heart Health: Fruits and Veggies Are Life-Saving – ABC News.

Getting the Shut Eye


Today is my rest day and as much as I love my workouts — there are times when a rest day can’t come soon enough.  I have been fighting off a sore throat for a few days but starting last night, it started to win. I was thinking about going to group training this morning since I will be in SF on Friday but when the alarm went off at 5a — I realized I needed the sleep.

Many of the ladies at boot camp would head to camp even though we aren’t at 100%. We are trained like that and sometimes it’s crazy. We are clearly not feeling well but there is something about us that is a bit irrational.  One day of extra rest isn’t going to completely derail the work I have done – I know this – but yet — off I go. Extra sleep is healthy too!

I want to be healthy for my trip — so when that alarm started it’s annoying wake up call — I let the sleep monster talk me into shutting it off and getting a few more hours of shut eye.

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