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Quick Tips for National Cancer Prevention Month


February is National Cancer Prevention Month and while most everyone focuses on diet, exercise, and quitting smoking as the core ways to prevent cancer – they’re forgetting another pillar of prevention. Reducing exposure to carcinogens in our everyday environments.Hundreds of carcinogenic chemicals have been identified and, unfortunately, they’re quite common in our air, water, food, and everyday products. Here are some easy ways you can reduce your exposure to them.

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Not all sources of protein are created equal


In the most recent issue of Women’s Health magazine they had a short blurb about sources of protein and if they are all created equal –The answer was No. Up until recently, I never really thought about this. I always figured, protein is protein. But after looking into it and talking with others — you want to eat whole, efficient and complete food — and some would even say the info below should leave out dairy products all together and go pure ‘paleo’. One of the things I have found — we are all different and we need to try different approaches to see what works best for you, your lifestyle and your body type.  But the key take away here is not all protein is equal —

Many plant foods, including nuts and beans, can provide a good dose of protein, the best sources are dairy products, eggs, lean meat and fish. …Unlike plant based proteins, animal protein is complete, meaning it contains the right proportions of the essential amino acids your body can’t synthesize on it’s own. It’s possible to build complete protein from plant based foods by combining legumes, nuts and grains, but you’d need to consume 20-25% more plant based protein to reap the same benefits that animal-derived sources would provide…

WOD + Challenge


Today’s WOD at Crossfit Impavidus was all about kettle bells and box jumps! I am feeling yesterday’s WOD of Burpees and Dead lifts. I unwrapped my Foam Roller and used it to work out the muscles in my abductors/inductor area.  It’s like getting a painful massage — not sure where the joy is in that but it works out the tight/sore muscles.

10 DUs
10 burpees
10 pass thrus
Squat Therapy

KB Swings
10 Air Squats

35lb KB Swings
24in Box Jumps

2m Challenge

45lb OH Squats = 50 reps

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