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Crossfit and Body Image


Crossfit and Body Image.

This post resonated with me. It is so true — women especially spend so much energy on hating what they see. They can be the strongest, prettiest women you have ever seen but if you ask them – they can show you a laundry list of things that they ‘hate’ about the way they look. What do to about it? I have no idea — I have the same issues even with the progress I have made. I am a fit and healthy woman but can still give you a list of all the things that make me cringe when I see pics or look in the mirror.  We need to learn to be kinder to ourselves and realize that being fit isn’t a number on the scale —

She sees herself more negatively than she sees other people (all this body stuff isn’t rational, after all), at least that’s what I have always done. Other people were okay, but I was just awful. I still slip into that thinking sometimes when I look at less than flattering pictures of myself. Other people just took a bad picture, but I I must really look like that. Thinking of her wasting her youth on all that unrealistic cruelty to her own body made all my hurt and anger morph into pity and sympathy. I’ve been there, and thinking like that becomes way too normal. It doesn’t even feel weird anymore after a while; it’s just the way you talk to and about your body.

How is it possible that such a pretty little thing and such a tough Crossfitter could feel that way? What does it say about our culture that she would really avoid fun, active summer activities because she thought she looked fat in a bathing suit? How could all that negativity about her body be on her mind after doing a hard workout really well? I hate this about our world. I hate that she isn’t feeling how strong and useful and pretty and healthy her body is. I hate that there are so many women like her who feel that way every day of their lives.

Well hello, Fran!:Crossfit WOD


Today I met Fran. For those familiar with Crossfit, Fran is a benchmark WOD. Long time Crossfitters all know their “fran” time.

65lb Thrusters
Pull ups (green band assisted)
Fran time: 6:35

Some caveats to my time: For some reason I had it in my head to power clean every rep in the beginning so that obviously affected my time. I also have yet to conquer a ‘Kip’ so my pull ups were a bit of a challenge.

One of the great things about Crossfit Impavidus is they really are great coaches. So the workouts are great, but the coaching you get makes all the difference. After ‘Fran’, Jerry worked with me on Kipping. He helped me get the first part which is the swing. I haven’t been able to get that in the year that I have been trying. He set things up and we worked on the first part, which is the swing back and forth. I didn’t realize that I was bending my arms during that time — and also I am not very flexible in the lower back. So I am going to start doing some extra lumbar/lower back exercises to help loosen me up. It will help me with the Kip swing we think. So we did the swing – and sure enough with his coaching – I got it and did at least one Kip Pull Up! SUCCESS yet again. I am going to work on it to get the feel right and then I will figure out the transition from the Kip Pull up back into the swing to do another — step by step. It really is all about technique.

Another validation that switching trainers was the right thing. My old trainer never spent one on one time with me, really watching what exactly I was doing and adjusting my form so that I could nail the technique. I have the arm and shoulder strength, so it definitely is technique. So first the Double Under technique, now the Kip Swing. 2 things I have been working on for well over a year — I wouldn’t say I nailed them down, but I am farther than I have ever been and I know that I will get them this year.

Now after Fran, I was spent. It may not seem like a big deal — 21,15,9 but holy heck! It is. Jerry was helping me with learning the Kip Swing and we were finishing up. I went to step on the box to release my foot from the band and lost my footing and didn’t grab the pull up bar in time — and BOOM! went down, hard. I sat there for a sec. You know that shock you get as your body is trying to figure out WTF happened? Well I don’t have any major injuries – some scrapes and bruising. I fell on the side of my back side — so I know that’s gonna hurt bad. It’s already starting — I got home and my kids said – Mom, you are tough. It looks cool!

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