No falls this morning at Crossfit Impavidus – that was a bonus right there.  My friend Oy came to the 6A class & added an extra element of fun. And the same people are showing up to the class so it’s becoming more like home to me every day. I am really liking Coach Nick. He seems to be right there when I need a push to keep me moving. It’s so interesting starting out with a new trainer. You have to get to know his style and he learns yours and adjusts his training methods to you — I’m finding it really fun to see a different side of my training. And the extra 15m of sleep I am getting every day is making a huge difference in how I feel overall — Change is good. Embrace Change.

Jumping Jacks
5 Pass thrus
1 L sit
10 Air Squats

Dynamic Stretches
Pass Thrus

Double Unders

20 Ab Mat Sit Ups
20 Double Unders/50 Jump Ropes
20 14lb Wall Ball Squats
total rounds completed: 8+

I did a combo of DUs and Jump Ropes because I would have been there all day if I didn’t, so on average I completed about 5 DUs during each round. And I am not sure if I counted the right amount of rounds but I know I worked my butt off, so I am sticking with what I think I did which was 8 full rounds and part of round 9 = 8+.

We finished a bit early so I worked with my friend Andre on my Kip Pull Up once again. We figured out that the band I was using was not helping me learn the kip, so once we removed it – i was able to get the actual form down and now what’s left is to practice, practice, and more practice. Andre told me that he read the only way to really learn a Kip Pull Up is to keep doing it — so that’s what i am going to do! The thing is it’s not really a matter of being super strong. Once you get the Kip down that is what propels you up and over the bar. So many of these types of exercises rely on technique more than brute strength, so once you learn how – you can do it with more power and efficiency.