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First Lady Sets Sights on Global Waistlines


First Lady Sets Sights on Global Waistlines | TakePart – Inspiration to Action.

One year into her ambitious “Let’s Move” campaign to fight obesity in America and encourage the country to make better choices in the kitchen, First Lady Michelle Obama is taking her crusade to the world stage.

In an interview to mark the one-year anniversary of the campaign, Obama said that she’ll now take the “Let’s Move” message with her everywhere she travels, inspired by world leaders’ interest in her famous White House garden.

“What I find internationally, and Barack says the same thing, is whenever he meets with a world leader, one of the first things they ask him about is the garden,” Mrs. Obama said. “Obesity is becoming an international issue. Many first ladies have begun to think about how they’re going to deal with this issue.”

The First Lady also announced that she has been working—quietly, so far—with the National Restaurant Association to give the nation’s eateries a “Let’s Move” makeover: smaller portions and kids’ meals that feature carrots and apples instead of French fries and chips.

The new targets follow a year in which the First Lady used the East Wing bully pulpit to usher in significant changes to the nation’s grocery stores, fast-food outlets and school cafeterias.

Crossfit Impavidus: It’s your box too


Another Crossfit Impavidus training session this morning and my shoulders were not too pleased! I was also the only one that came to the 6A class so I basically had a personal training session with Nick. That is good and bad. You can’t really slack when the trainer has only you to focus on — I have had some serious training wins since I started at CFI — I got the Kip Swing down and even have done a few actual Kip Pull Ups and I can do a few DUs together in a row! That’s what teamwork, committed trainers, and a great gym atmosphere does for you.  Everyone pulls together to help you learn – some find certain tricks to help them and offer those suggestions.  CFI also lets you use the gym in general before or after your workout to practice. There is no ‘class over’,  get out of here feeling — it’s your ‘box’ too!

sampson stretch
jump rope/DU
High Knees
Leg Kicks
Walking Lunges
Heel to butt

Leg to Bar

KTE (switched to rings to elbows midway)
20in Box Jumps
7 rounds complete

Post workout:
jump rope/DU practice
back extensions
butterfly sit ups w/Abmat

Strength WOD at CFI


I decided to try an evening class at Crossfit Impavidus to switch things up last night. The only issue is that I have to get up the next morning and workout. It’s tough on the body.

Last night with trainer Nate was a strength session. Nate is a good trainer – he goes over form and really pushes you when you need it but also realizes when it’s enough.  So far, I have really liked all the trainers at CFI – each have their own style but all good.

sampson stretch
10 pass thrus
10 pull ups
10 air squats
20 DU/Jump Ropes

Front Squat

Front Squats
(b) means that the reps were broken. I did 2 then had to drop the bar, did another 2, and then 1 more for a total of 5. I have bruises on the ends of my shoulders from this lift but that’s the price you pay to be strong. 140# for someone like me is pretty good –it’s more than my body weight, so I’m good with it.

We finished the workout with some mobility work. It’s amazing how doing some stretching with a band can really make all the difference in how you feel. We did some shoulder pulls and some hamstring work with the blue band. Here’s to mobility!!

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