I’m going to take a rest day tomorrow — the workouts this week have been tough and my body is telling me to take it easy.  Today’s WOD at Crossfit Impavidus was no exception —

Jumping Jacks 10
35lb KB Swings 10
OH Squats 10 33lb bar
10 push ups
Dynamic stretching


65lb SDHP
10 Ring Dips (asst w blue band)

I have to get used to scaling. At my old boot camp, we were not allowed to scale during the workout – even I asked if we could mid workout because it caused me to stop and start alot. When you are starting out, and the weights are lower, its not really a big deal but as you improve and begin to lift heavier weights. I was doing 65lb+ push presses for 5 rounds. You try that without stopping. And what I found was I stopped seeing large gains/improvements in my training.

At Crossfit you scale even if its in the middle of the workout because you want to keep going — for the entire workout, so drop weight if that’s what you need to do to keep going. I actually like it better — and I am burning more calories this way. Another win…