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Tire Flipping


Fat Stigma Becoming the Norm


Fat Stigma Spreads Around the Globe

What are your thoughts on this –Do you feel anger or annoyance at overweight people? Do you feel that it’s their fault and deserve no understanding or empathy?  It’s interesting reading this that it’s not just a feeling pervasive in the Anglosphere — but is becoming world wide. Is it because it represents someone out of control or does it bring out the fear that people have within themselves? Lot’s of questions —

At a time when global health officials are stepping up efforts to treat obesity as a worrisome public health threat, some researchers are warning of a troubling side effect: growing stigma against fat people.

Madonna's Hard Candy Fitness Center in Mexico City. A Mexican public health campaign shows fat people eating greasy food.Mario Guzman/, via European Pressphoto Agency Madonna’s Hard Candy Fitness Center in Mexico City. A Mexican public health campaign shows fat people eating greasy food.

“Of all the things we could be exporting to help people around the world, really negative body image and low self-esteem are not what we hope is going out with public health messaging,” said Alexandra Brewis, executive director of the School of Human Evolution and Social Change at Arizona State University.

Dr. Brewis and her colleagues recently completed a multicountry study intended to give a snapshot of the international zeitgeist about weight and body image. The findings were troubling, suggesting that negative perceptions about people who are overweight may soon become the cultural norm in some countries, including places where plumper, larger bodies traditionally have been viewed as attractive, according to a new report in the journal Current Anthropology.

The researchers elicited answers of true or false to statements with varying degrees of fat stigmatization. The fat-stigma test included statements like, “People are overweight because they are lazy” and “Some people are fated to be obese.”

…Dr. Brewis said she fully expected high levels of fat stigma to show up in the “Anglosphere” countries, including the United States, England and New Zealand, as well as in body-conscious Argentina. But what she did not expect was how strongly people in the rest of the testing sites expressed negative attitudes about weight. The results, Dr. Brewis said, suggest a surprisingly rapid “globalization of fat stigma.”

CrossFit: Keep an Open Mind


This morning was tough — less than 12 hours earlier I did a WOD and here I am again, working out.

20 DU/40 SU
10 OHS
10 Good Mornings
10 Hollow Rocks
10 Pull ups (2 min dead hang p/ups)

Handstand Walks
Med Ball Cleans

15 Med Ball Cleans (14lb)
15 Wall Balls (10lb)
time: 11:17(?)

A friend of mine recently started up at a CrossFit in Canada and has remarked about how he isn’t feeling like he is getting a good hard core workout because some of them last less than 10 mins. I asked some folks about this at my box– because it was definitely something I had to get used to. We are trained to believe that you have to work your ass off for a long time to see results — I am not disputing that you have to work our ass off at all. I am starting to realize that it doesn’t have to last an extra ordinary amount of time though.

Since I started at CrossFit Impavidus, I have seen myself get stronger and leaner. I would not have believed this was possible when I started after seeing some workouts lasting 10 mins or less! But coach Jerry told me his theory — think about a gymnast and how they train. The actual hard core, go at it routine doesn’t last that long and the rest is strength work. Being upside down, core, balance — They do their bar routine, then rest and wait while their team mates take a shot, then get back on it. So it’s not this long, drawn out series of exercises — and they do not do a concentrated ab workout at all. Everything you are doing should, in theory, engage your core so you are working it with every workout. It’s a completely different way to think about working out and for me — I have seen huge gains in strength since February – which was when I began to do CrossFit 100% of the time. I can do 3 dead hang pull ups with no assistance. I can do Double Unders. I am super close to doing a handstand solo….the list goes on.

I know there is no way to convince people that its what you do and how you workout, now how long you workout, that’s the key. And proper form and technique make all the difference. It also depends on what you are training for –All I ask, is that you keep an open mind when trying CrossFit out. It’s not like any workout you have probably ever tried, but it works.

Sometimes you scream like a girl…


So don’t kill me but I headed to CrossFit last night. I love Nate, one of the trainers –he’s a great coach and it’s rare that I get to workout with him since he doesn’t do the morning classes, so any chance I get to sneak out and go to his evening class — I do. Which now that I know what this morning’s workout was, maybe wasn’t the best idea — lots of wall ball work!

Sampson stretch
10 OHS
20 DU/40 SU
10 Good Mornings
10 Pull Ups (2 min dead hang p/ups)
10 Hollow Rocks

Handstand push up progressions

15 KB Swings 35lb
Wall Balls 14lb/10lb
9 Ring Dips (blue band)
Time: 10:11 (I think I did 6 rounds actually)

CrossFit Impavidus is catching on and we have more members than ever! Last night, we had 16 people come for the 730p class. It was packed! While we practiced our Handstand progressions, we broke up into 2 groups. You really get to know people when you have to do a tripod headstand while they all look on. There are sometimes, some positions no one needs to see you in! And — if you happen to have balance issues and you fall and scream like a girl, yeah there is no covering it up and you will be reminded of it from all of your CFI pals. I have news for them, I am a girl and sometimes, I scream like one!

It’s like being a kid again!


I am going to try an evening class tonite.  Scott had to leave for work at 5A, so that meant I had to skip my morning workout. It’s ok though, because it gives me an excuse to go to an evening class with a different trainer. Each of the trainers at CrossFit Impavidus has different strengths — and I like mixing it up sometimes to get a different perspective on my training. Change is good!

When was the last time you tried something new or out of your comfort zone? I was thinking about how excited I am that I finally conquered the cartwheel — and how cool it is that me, at 40 years old, worked at it and got it! Most adults go through their lives rarely challenging themselves physically and some may say mentally as well.

That is completely what I love about CrossFit – it really is like being a kid again and playing outside — running around, lifting things (weights instead of rocks), jumping, pushing tires, jumping rope and handstands — all things that we did as kids when we were hanging outside until the wee hours of the evening with your pals until your Mom would tell you to come inside. You would think — awww, man — 10 more mins? That’s how I feel on most days leaving CrossFit. I have a ton of fun playing and hanging out with my pals — until the clock says time’s up!

On the mental front — my brother introduced me to Luminosity, a site to improve memory and attention  by playing games that help train your brain to boost overall mental power and performance.  One of the things I read about is how you have to keep your brain sharp — it helps with aging. So – try it out and see if it helps you think faster on your feet!

Happy Birthday to my Beautiful Daughter!


Today is my beautiful Hannah Bea’s 9th birthday. It is hard to believe that it has been 9 years since I took that trip to Reston Hospital that forever changed my life. I became a Mom. What a wonderful journey it is —

This morning’s workout was fun — I can’t begin to tell you how fun it is to go to CrossFit in the morning and ‘play’.

20 DU/40 SU
10 Hollow Rocks
10 Pull ups (2 min dead hangs)
10 Ring Dips
10 Pass Thrus

Back Bridges (OUCH!)

Handstand Push-ups (HSPU) – we did it with a box but with your toes on the box, not knees. So you are in an inverted V shape. It really hurts your hamstrings. It also is not a straight push up. Your hands should be as close to the box, and your head should hit so that it forms a triangle (hand-hand-head at the top)

15 Box Jumps
10 Ab Mat Sit ups
total rounds=7

Then I stuck around a bit to practice my cartwheels. They are getting better and better every day! I cant stop telling you how empowering it is for me to be able to learn them. At my age, learning something like that is just a huge win, so you will probably hear about it again and again!!! Sorry – it’s my blog!




Oh, and one last thing — Fun Mommy strikes again. Ice cream as a part of her birthday breakfast! I mean come on, that is just fun!

Air Squat Drill


I forgot to mention that we also did a 4m extra session at the end of the workout:

20s air squats
10s rest
Rest meant you held a squat position — the pain you feel is quite something really!

I’m ready for a nap already today!

Overhead Squats


I had pizza this weekend — and once again, I find out how much it’s not worth it. I mean when I am eating it — i think, totally worth it. But the after effects, not so much. But for some reason, I don’t seem to remember that when the time comes to make the decision.

This morning – it was hard to get up. But I headed to CrossFit Impavidus as usual.

20 double unders (got multiple ones this time!)
10 push ups
10 pistols (5 each leg)


Air Squats

OHS 1-1-1-1-1-1-1

It was a fun day too. Good group of athletes and a challenging strength day. One of the funny things in the morning is I have trouble counting the plates to figure out what weight I am lifting. Many times i have to ask someone to count it all out for me — it’s the morning, without coffee and I am tired. Enough said.

Thoughts from Shopping on a Sunday Afternoon


Today is a rest day –and pulling those sleds and flipping those tires yesterday made this rest day much appreciated!

I went to Wegman’s for my weekly grocery shopping pilgrimage. I probably spend at least another 20 bucks a week buying gluten free stuff for Nate. It’s mind boggling that gluten is found in just about everything we eat. To ensure it’s not – it costs extra $$. And to be honest – a lot of it tastes like crap as we found after spending the cash. It’s trial and error and researching to find what a 6 year old will eat —

While I was there I couldn’t help but notice once again — the stuff that people buy in their carts.  It’s a lot of crap — soda, chips, ice cream, white bread, sugary cereals – all staples of the American diet.  It really does show in what they look like too — slightly to more than slightly overweight living in suburbia people. I wish that everyone could realize what eating like that day in and day out does to their bodies –and learning how to eat the way we are designed would make them feel so much better!  Some day, people will start to realize that what we we were taught about proper nutrition was not really about proper nutrition and more about politics and economics —

I’m not perfect — I had pizza last night for instance. But I do eat Paleo 80-90% of the time and it is so ingrained in me now that I can feel what eating crap does to my body — it’s not good people.

Count your lucky stars —


The artist, who teaches at Parsons, was diagnosed with Stage 3 colorectal cancer last month and given a 60% chance of surviving five years.

Nine days later, real-estate agent Elisa, 36, learned she has incurable breast cancer – and just a 16% chance of surviving five years.

Friends and family have rallied around the Bonds, helping them get to their many doctor appointments and care for their toddler.

They set up a website to collect donations to cover the expense of their illnesses – and nearly $60,000 has now been raised.

About half that came in Friday, when News readers like Matthew Zachary, 36, a brain cancer survivor from Brooklyn, were moved to give whatever they could.

“I just want them to know they’re not alone – they can beat this,” said Zachary, who’s been cancer-free for 15 years.

The heart-wrenching story was also picked up by news outlets across the country and as far away as London.

The Bonds, who were too sick to speak to reporters Friday, are drawing strength from the compassion of perfect strangers.

via Daily News readers show support for Brooklyn parents diagnosed with cancer a week apart.

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