Another great workout at Crossfit Impavidus!

My Son's Star Wars Interpretation

40 jump rope
30 push ups
20 sit ups
10 pass thrus


Push Press

5 25lb db Push Press
5 Ring Push Ups
Completed: 11+

Hollows to Engage your Core
We have been focusing on engaging our core which really comes into play with any and all exercises you do. So we practiced hollowing out lying on our backs — and focusing on pressing your lower back into the floor. No one should be able to stick a hand thru it because you are not arching your back. Engaging your core also helps with good posture — and it’s something I have been paying particular attention to since Coach Conan gave me my homework. It’s amazing how much work it is to relearn but what a difference it makes. Another bonus to good posture — you really do look leaner and thinner –who doesn’t want that?!