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What you eat is as important as how much you eat


The Billionaire Who Is Planning His 125th Birthday

There is much to learn from this man. What you eat is as important as how much you eat — and can help ward off disease and illness.

One morning in early January, David Murdock awoke to an unsettling sensation. At first he didn’t recognize it and then he couldn’t believe it, because for years — decades, really — he maintained what was, in his immodest estimation, perfect health. But now there was this undeniable imperfection, a scratchiness and swollenness familiar only from the distant past. Incredibly, infuriatingly, he had a sore throat.

“I never have anything go wrong,” he said later. “Never have a backache. Never have a headache. Never have anything else.” This would make him a lucky man no matter his age. Because he is 87, it makes him an unusually robust specimen, which is what he must be if he is to defy the odds (and maybe even the gods) and live as long as he intends to. He wants to reach 125, and sees no reason he can’t, provided that he continues eating the way he has for the last quarter century: with a methodical, messianic correctness that he believes can, and will, ward off major disease and minor ailment alike.


CrossFit Workout – AMRAPpin’


Small group this morning at CrossFit Impavidus – me and Colleen. I’m glad it wasn’t only me because as much as I like attention, I don’t like the individual attention during a hard workout!

250m row
30 situps
20 Jumping Jacks
10 Pass Thrus
Pull Up (dead hang)

Double Unders

7 Ring Dips
7 push ups (hand release)
7 Double Unders
total rounds: 11

Coach Nick made us work through the DUs and as hard as they are, it really is the right way to approach it because the more you practice them — the easier they become. By the end, I was doing them regularly.

We finished with some mobility work — to loosen our shoulders and arms. Don’t every underestimate the importance of stretching your muscles out! I am learning that that really does make all the difference!

For those following along — the push ups with hand release was new to me and at first glance – seemed totally do-able. You do a pushup and when your chest hits the ground, you do a quick hands up move – so basically reset your push up and then resume. What that does is it forces you to touch the ground each time and by the 3rd round of 7 reps –your arms are screaming! That is a sign of a good workout my friends!

I had never done that before –I had done the chest to the ground and the push up clap but never just the quick release — try it tonite and see what you think!

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