CrossFit is Community too!

Today’s workout was all about the team. I like switching it up and doing the workout where you rely on others to do their part — in order to come out on top!


fun run w stops to do 10 burpees & 10 air squats


KB Swings


Team stations


50m? sprint

35lb KB swings

push up (hand release)


Total tally – 861 which was almost 100 more reps than any other team! Which was awesome because the teams were broken up into all male/all female teams but there was an extra person with the guys, so my pal Adrian came to workout in our group – Team Awesome. So 3 ladies, 1 guy= Kicked Ass!

Then I stayed after and Coach Nate worked with me on mobility with my shoulders/back. I have a posture issue and as I have said before – the more tired I am, the less I remember to put my shoulders back in their sockets — Think Stupor! So he suggested doing some passive mobility work with a KB. Lie on your back and hold it straight ahead for 1m to help my shoulders learn their way back.

We also worked on my Kip again. I have that swing down, and now I think I figured out what I should do once I am ‘weightless’ — now it’s about more and more practice. Practice is the key for me! I love Saturdays at CrossFit Impavidus. You get to meet new people who are trying CrossFit for the very first time and I get to have more targeted coaching from Nate. It’s something I look forward to every week — the community part of the program.

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