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My Colon Cancer Coach


March is Colon Cancer Awareness Month

There is new tool called My Colon Cancer Coach to help patients become more in the know about what’s happening to them. It’s the first patient-focused online tool for those newly diagnosed with colon cancer.  I will never forget how scary it is to be told you have a certain kind of cancer — and have no clue where to go so that you can get some clarity and information about what’s going on —

The Cancer Coach asks you to answer some questions and then returns an individualized treatment report that addresses your specific diagnosis –ultimately leading to a more informed dialogue between patients and their healthcare providers. An informed patient is the best kind of patient in my opinion!

I never understood how people who find out they have some ailment hand over all their trust and power to their healthcare provider. Yes they will do their best – but you have the absolute right to ask questions, suggest other options, and give your opinion. This is your life– they are working for you! And tools like this help you make the right decisions for your or your family’s care!

Harnessing the Power of the Mom Blogger


Harnessing the Power of the Mom Blogger

Yeah, I know.

THE latest advice on child-rearing, baby products and prenatal yoga stretches is not being found in conversations over the picket fence but rather in Twitter messages, blog rolls and on Facebook walls. To that end, marketers have been increasingly harnessing the power of mothers online to reach their intended audiences for products.

Whether it’s building brand awareness or promoting television shows, advertising industry experts say that they are finding that the mother blogger niche is active, loyal and deeply involved with spreading its messages. And, the wealth of demographic information available about online users allows for better directed campaigns, marketers say.

Gymnastics Fun at CrossFit Impavidus


When people ask me why I get up so early to workout — it’s because of days like today at CrossFit. We did a bunch of gymnastics. There is something about learning how to do some of the things I struggled with as a kid that makes me giddy.  Where else can you go as an adult and learn some really cool stuff? It’s like a kid going to a moon bounce place for adults!

It was just Andre & I today– small group, means more focus on us and adjusting our form! Just an overall really fun day.

20 4ct Jump Jacks
10 2ct 1/2 Jumping Jacks
10 Air Squats
10 Push Ups
5 Hand Stands

Coach Jerry is a former gymnast and he doesn’t let you use the wall to learn. So we practice with someone spotting us. There really is nothing like practice to help you learn certain moves — Once I tightened my core, I was able to hold it for a few seconds! Success!

Then we moved on to doing Handstands but on the Rings, and then practiced forward and reverse levers. Don’t ask me exactly how to do them — I just went for it, which is what you really have to do with so many of these moves. Practice, adjust, practice adjust and don’t be afraid to look ridiculous!

Here’s a video that shows a Ring Lever:

65lb SDHP
35 KB Swings
time: 5:20

Coach Jerry also worked with me on my SDHP form. I was pulling way too early and not popping my hips for the power. With some readjustments, I was able to figure it out. You can totally feel the difference once you have the form down. You have to use a lot more of your own strength when you don’t pop those hips.

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