My dear friend Sara

I had a really fun Friday night – I went over my friend Sara’s house – who invited me and our friend Anu for dinner. It was so nice to chat and laugh with them. Both of these women really inspire me in so many ways – that I am so thankful for being in my life!

And as you can tell — I’m still in the greatest mood – things are just going well for me. I am full of new ideas and inspiration —

Headed to my CrossFit Impavidus workout and I knew some of it was outside — with this weather it would be a crime if it wasn’t.

big tire flips

1m stations/rest 1 min 3x
body rows
wall ball squats
65lb dead lifts
sit ups

102/100/92 -294 total

I stayed and got some more 1:1 coaching from Nate on snatch and pull ups.

It’s such a beautiful day, that I am taking the kids to the Nature Preserve in Leesburg to do a little nature hiking. I was talking with a friend of mine, Sara, this week and she made me realize that i need to redefine what sort of activities we all do. I am now an active, fit person who should do active, more outdoorsy activities in my spare time. When you become an athlete later in life, it affects everything you do including what you consider fun — so off to the preserve we go!