Bear Down Arizona — What a great win last night over Duke to land themselves in the Great 8 — What a great story this will make —

I took today as a rest day. After all those deadlifts yesterday, my back is feeling it. It’s not the type of pain where I hurt it but more like – yeah I used those muscles pain.

After my cartwheel yesterday, I started hearing about other people who never mastered it either. It’s one of the great things about using social media, whether it be blogging or facebook, you find out you are not alone. I seriously thought I was one of the very few kids who never learned how to do one during my youth. Well what do you know –i am not alone!

I wanted to post an update on my son Nate and how he’s been doing since he went Gluten Free. I have to tell you, to me it’s like night and day. He seems happier, is sleeping better — and seems to be more regular. Could this be the issue he has had since he started eating regular food?? We had such a rough time with him as a baby – I am not thinking it was because he wasn’t feeling so hot. No one ever mentioned the possibility that his diet could affect his mood and sleeping patterns and I didn’t know better to look at his diet. How frustrating that doctors don’t mention it as something to consider based on family history —