Today is a rest day –and pulling those sleds and flipping those tires yesterday made this rest day much appreciated!

I went to Wegman’s for my weekly grocery shopping pilgrimage. I probably spend at least another 20 bucks a week buying gluten free stuff for Nate. It’s mind boggling that gluten is found in just about everything we eat. To ensure it’s not – it costs extra $$. And to be honest – a lot of it tastes like crap as we found after spending the cash. It’s trial and error and researching to find what a 6 year old will eat —

While I was there I couldn’t help but notice once again — the stuff that people buy in their carts.  It’s a lot of crap — soda, chips, ice cream, white bread, sugary cereals – all staples of the American diet.  It really does show in what they look like too — slightly to more than slightly overweight living in suburbia people. I wish that everyone could realize what eating like that day in and day out does to their bodies –and learning how to eat the way we are designed would make them feel so much better!  Some day, people will start to realize that what we we were taught about proper nutrition was not really about proper nutrition and more about politics and economics —

I’m not perfect — I had pizza last night for instance. But I do eat Paleo 80-90% of the time and it is so ingrained in me now that I can feel what eating crap does to my body — it’s not good people.