I am going to try an evening class tonite.¬† Scott had to leave for work at 5A, so that meant I had to skip my morning workout. It’s ok though, because it gives me an excuse to go to an evening class with a different trainer. Each of the trainers at CrossFit Impavidus has different strengths — and I like mixing it up sometimes to get a different perspective on my training. Change is good!

When was the last time you tried something new or out of your comfort zone? I was thinking about how excited I am that I finally conquered the cartwheel — and how cool it is that me, at 40 years old, worked at it and got it! Most adults go through their lives rarely challenging themselves physically and some may say mentally as well.

That is completely what I love about CrossFit – it really is like being a kid again and playing outside — running around, lifting things (weights instead of rocks), jumping, pushing tires, jumping rope and handstands — all things that we did as kids when we were hanging outside until the wee hours of the evening with your pals until your Mom would tell you to come inside. You would think — awww, man — 10 more mins? That’s how I feel on most days leaving CrossFit. I have a ton of fun playing and hanging out with my pals — until the clock says time’s up!

On the mental front — my brother introduced me to Luminosity, a site to improve memory and attention¬† by playing games that help train your brain to boost overall mental power and performance.¬† One of the things I read about is how you have to keep your brain sharp — it helps with aging. So – try it out and see if it helps you think faster on your feet!