Death by Pull Ups and other things…

Do you remember my friend Lidia who has always been one of my biggest cheerleaders and she moved to Nc? Well guess who made it to the National CrossFit Games?  Yup – Ms Lidia – Queen Bee herself. I am beyond proud of her — WTG Lidia!

I have the most amazing people in my life — inspiring and caring – -and many of them are in my life directly related to me pursing a fit and healthy path.  Think about that as a great incentive to head down that path yourself!

Today’s workout was called Death by Pull Ups. Just the name alone says so much, right?  Some days I think to myself while I am in the midst of the WOD — not only do I get up for this torture daily, I pay for it! 🙂 HA! It’s awesome.

800m run
10 Air Squats
10 OHS
10 Pass thrus

One Arm Handstands
Lots and Lots of practicing handstands!
Kip Swing

Death by Pull Ups
With a continuously running clock do one pull-up the first minute, two pull-ups the second minute, three pull-ups the third minute… continuing as long as you are able.
Total: 4, then did blue band to 11

For me that was not too long which was frustrating. I am still working on finding my kip. I can do the swing no problem, its the transition afterwards that messes me up. In my head I know what I need to do – I just gotta keep practicing. Practice Makes Better! It was not one of my best days. Sometimes you need some challenging days to make the good days that much better.

And in keeping with the true spirit of livin’ fit and sore — I have been struggling keeping Paleo. Gluten is not a problem anymore. I’m off of that stuff no issues. It’s more the sugar/sweet stuff and have noticed the reasoning I am doing in my head when I choose to eat it. And I know many people out there will read this and say, oh please. But eating crap really does affect everything you do day to day and that’s how the weight creeps back on. I don’t have the type of metabolism that can adjust to it, so it goes right to my mid section and that’s not ok – i bought a bikini this year and I am going to wear it. So if it goes right to my mid section, all of those people at the pool are not going to appreciate what they see. So it’s really for all of you in Ashburn VA that I need to stay focused. Sometimes, me owning up to it here helps me regain control — Accountability really does work.

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