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Healthy Fudge Babies


My friend Lori made these the other day and let me tell you — YUM!

Original Fudge Babies

(Serves… depends on how good bad non-existent your self-control is)

  • 1 c walnuts (120 grams)
  • 1 and 1/3 cups pitted dates (230 grams) (If you want a sweeter result, up the proportion of dates.) (If you’re unsure as to what dates to use, see fudge baby FAQ post)
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract
  • 3-4 tablespoons cocoa powder, depending on how chocolatey you want the balls to be (I used 4T extra dark)

1. Chop/blend all the ingredients, using a food processor, Magic Bullet, etc.  (No need to blend the dates first; I just blend everything all at once.)
2. Roll into cutey-pie little balls.  (Use plastic wrap if you wish.) Or, if you want true brownies, shape the dough into bars!

Version 2:

Hot Cocoa Fudge Babies

I’ve been toying around with the original recipe.  Here is my newest-favorite variation:
30 grams cashews, 80 grams dates, 5 grams (1T) dark cocoa powder.
Blend.  Even fudgier than the original! :)
(Add mint extract + cacao nibs and you’re in Wild Bar territory.
And if you leave out the cocoa powder, you have a homemade cashew cookie Larabar!)


What would happen?


5 Things Keeping You From Wellness

I love this post – it’s so true. This is the message that I try to convey to anyone that asks me about my fitness journey and I often wish they would stop and ask what would happen if you stopped waiting for someday, and started today? They would feel great, look great and learn to do a friggin cartwheel at age 40!

Talking with people about wellness gets me excited. The thing is, some people just want to talk about how great it would feel to be well. Then, they complain because they feel like an old tired, run-down Ford.

So, here are a few clippings of what may be preventing you from reaching wellness.

It’s a simple step many people overlook. If you’re on the fence about finding wellness in your life, you’ll soon be upset because you’re not finding wellness. That last sentence may have seemed a bit odd as you read it, but if you’re not moving toward wellness, you’re moving away from it. Decide you want to feel good.

Do something today that moves you closer wellness. Think for a minute about authors. Books don’t write themselves, and writers don’t complete a book in just one hour. They work on it daily until they have a clean, edited book to reveal to the world. It’s no different with wellness, you must take action. Even a small action is better than none. Just take that action, today.

Many people mistakenly believe because of  some 30 second commercials that you can transform your body in just a few seconds, or days. You cannot, but you can schedule some time to work at it daily. Then soon, you’ll be seeing and feeling the difference.

What would happen if you stopped waiting for someday, and started today?

Oh, this little thought monster stops most everyone before they even start. We get into thinking like this. Once I lose my love handles things will be great. Once I’ve paid all my bills, I’ll be happy. Once I get that promotion, I’ll have more time. Once I buy that new car, I’ll really be happy. The list goes on and on.

The truth is this; take pleasure in your journey. Once you “arrive” at where you want to be, there’ll be more goals, other things to do, and other problems to face. Be happy now, and enjoy your journey to wellness.

Fran WOD


It was a super busy weekend — Half the family went to the Joint Services Air Show and Hannah and I went to the Reston Arts Fair — and then we had laser tag parties, CrossFit, CrossFit Kids — laundry, cleaning, errands — no down time at all this weekend.

I’m going to share some of the air show pics from the Joint Services Air Show over the next few days — perfect weather for it!

For some reason I slept horribly last night – the combo of the rain storm and knowing what tomorrow’s workout was –well who knows why but it made for a rough wake up. But up I did — headed downstairs, added some new tunes to my playlist and off I went. I was a bit worried when I got there and it was only me and Coach Nick. I don’t mind getting some 1:1 coaching but there are certain WODs that I just don’t want to do solo with a coach focusing in on me.  Right at 6 on the dot – Anna and Monica showed up! Yay for them.

Monica actually told me last night that she was coming so if she hadn’t shown up — I would have gotten after her! And Anna – I’m proud of her. She just had a baby maybe 7 weeks ago, has not worked out in over a year and came on Saturday and again today -even though she was super sore.  Showing up is harder than most workouts, so no matter the fitness level, those that walk through the door are heck of a way farther along than 90% of the population out there.

She told me how sore she was from her first workout back on Saturday. I remember when I first started and in fact, I can look back because of blogging to those first few weeks during the Summer of 2008. I don’t think I could describe the pain adequately to anyone that asked. So when she was telling me about it – I suggested to her to try to remember that feeling — because it may help to ensure she never goes back. I can not even imagine feeling like that again, nor do I want to.

30 Double Unders
20 Squats
20 Ab mat sit ups
20 push ups
bear crawl

Pull ups

65# Thrusters
Pull ups (blue band)
time: 8:06

This is actually 1m+ more time to complete this Fran WOD than last time I did it in February — however, I used the green band to help with my pull ups the first time and the blue band this time. The Blue band means improvement and gives you less help to do pull ups. I’m ok with that — improvement and growth is what I am after. I also started to do some massive shaking after round 1 — like my body was finally waking up and saying Holy Cow Lady – what are you doing to me?

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