Year 3 – Let’s Call it Remission

What a difference 3 years makes — It was three years ago this week, Scott went in for his colonoscopy and we heard the words Cancer.  I remember the moment exactly and your life really splits into life before and the life after Cancer.  It’s hard to believe that was three years ago already.

Today, we headed to our old haunting grounds – Georgetown Hospital – Lombardi Cancer Center to see Dr, John Marshall and to hear officially that we are clearly on our way and can now say the words remission with a sign of relief. 95% of all cancers returning from colon cancer patients would have returned within the first three years. So while not 100% out of the woods — it’s a pretty good bet that we will hit the 5 year mark with flying colors and can have a huge blow out celebration. We, the Hoaglunds, are CURED. Oh – if it were only so easy. I am all for celebrating and enjoying the huge battle we just fought — but I also know that we are forever changed by cancer at our young age. We should not have had to experience this and for all the joy we have now in our lives, I would have preferred to realize it a different way. But it is what it is –and for the most part we can’t pick some of the paths we are set on.

We don’t have to see the Lombardi Cancer Center for another year! Of course, if we need Dr Marshall, he will be there of course. After 3 years, you get to know these people well — Beyond the Doctor/Nurse title. You trust them, analyze what they advise, lean on them, and show your vulnerability as you hear and face next steps. If someone were to ask me what’s one of the sad parts, is no longer seeing these loving, special people regularly. Don’t get me wrong, I would much rather miss them than see them for further treatment! You know what I mean — it’s a closing of a chapter of your life and not

Nurse Mercedes

all parts of the chapter were hard to deal with.

I occasionally look back at my old blog — Colon C – the journey and realize how far we have come. People have come into our lives, people have left, our kids are growing up, family has has their ups and downs. It hasn’t been easy but let’s face it, who’s life is? Here’s heading to Year 5…

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