Here it is Sunday early evening –how did that happen? Sometimes I just get frustrated realizing that there isn’t enough time in the week to do all that I need to especially when I plan something special. Seeing Wicked at the Kennedy Center was great, tapas at Jaleo’s afterward even better, spending time with friends and as adults was stupendous, but then Sunday means laundry, chores, catching up on errands. It’s a fact of life –but sometimes it bums me out. That’s all.

I’m heading out on a business trip at the end of this week to the lovely state of California, San Diego to be exact. I never get to be alone. I am always with someone — I may get to steal an afternoon now and then but generally, I’m never alone. So the thought of me flying on a plane, staying at hotel, and just being in San Diego alone — sounds so fun. I’m going to be busy but for 4 days it’s just going to be me — oh the adventure! I’m excited –maybe a bit too excited.