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CrossFit Workout: Tabata ‘Ouch’


Been a crazy long weekend — Family Fun Fest, A friends house for an outdoor movie night, extra CrossFit training session, A birthday party. Someone stop the bus, I want to get off! Seriously — there was very little down time. This is the last week before school starts for the kiddos too. Hard to believe the summer of 11 is just about over.

I woke up tired. No bones about it. All that non-paleo eating is catching up to me. I feel a few pounds heavier and just sluggish. I have to figure out what is going on in my head to get me back on the right track.  Stress is a very hard opponent.  I know I can — I just have to buckle down and focus!

Today’s workout was a challenge — mostly because my hands have very big calluses and blisters on them, making it very very difficult to do pull ups. I had to sub out the pull ups in the workout for ring rows — it was seriously that painful.

800m run
10 good mornings
10 Pass Thrus
3 5s HandStands

Pull ups

Tabata KB Swing
Rest 1 minute
Tabata Squat
Rest 1 minute
Tabata Pull-up (I subbed ring rows)
Rest 1 minute
Tabata Push-up
Rest 1 minute
Tabata Sit-up

Totals: 72,136,54,71,96

A pleasant Sunday with CrossFit


Yesterday one of my CrossFit pals, Sven was nice enough to spend a few hours with me at the box to help me with some of the things I am struggling with. We invited along Lori and Kim to work on kipping pull ups, power cleans and muscle ups.

Even though it was a skills session, it felt like a workout. I am sure sore this morning.

ankle flips
high knees
skip for height
broad jumps
bear crawl
crab walk
10 plankwalks
push up circles high/low
10 tea cups
10 arm swings
neck rolls
band stretch shoulders

Pull ups
Retract your Scapula

And I did make some progress — but not enough to make me say Oh I got the Kipping Pull up! Hooray! I just really need to practice the swing. I have all the mechanics but I just can’t seem to make them click together. It’s very very frustrating to me. I literally yelled at the end and to top it hands are ripped up. It’s all part of the learning process — and I’m not complaining but there are a few things that I seem to be struggling with that has more to putting the pieces together than strength or being ABLE to do it. It will come — patience is a skill too apparently.

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