Ok I’m not going to lie — I freaked out yesterday during the earthquake a bit. I was at my desk on the 6th floor and I felt the bldg adjust. I said to Tiffany, an intern here for a few more weeks — what was that? Then the bldg started to shake. I said let’s go Tiff. We headed towards the stairs. While I was in the hall on my way — in my head, I thought about the WTC people and how they were in the hallways, stairways with no control over what was going on. I got freaked out. I thought holy cow, I have no control and what about my family as I started down towards the stairs. I could feel myself panic. As I hit the 5th floor stairs, this large lady got in front of me. She moved way too slow — and my lack of filter in my head said to her ‘lady, you are moving way too slow” and I wanted to reach out and shove her aside. I didn’t but it was tough to hold back the urge.  I thought about moving faster to get in front of her because there was a ton of space between her and someone in front of her. It was seriously annoying and I had some anger towards the entire situation. All i wanted to do is get the heck out of the bldg.

Which brings me to a point. The fact that I am in shape makes it much easier to react and move out of scary situations. This large lady, seriously couldn’t move any faster than she was moving. Being out of shape and fat inhibits her ability to react and quite frankly – it impaired my ability as well. This was yet another opportunity for people to learn how important being fit is — CrossFit prepares you for all sorts of situations!

I feel bad that I had so much annoyance towards her. I want to be that understanding person. I know it’s hard work and I know people are busy. But it’s not impossible! And once it starts to affect me, then all bets are off. Sort of like bugs. I am fine if bugs are outside where they live. Once they come in my house, they are goners.  So the fact that this lady slowed me down from what I thought was a dangerous situation, angered me. I even think at one point she stopped to check something in her purse! I didnt even grab my purse or phone — All I Wanted Was to be OUT of the building. Virginia is not supposed to have EARTHQUAKES!