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Learning from Cancer Survivors


10 Things I Learned From People Who Survive Cancer

When I interviewed women who had survived breast cancer for my art project The Woman Inside, I noticed that they all shared one remarkable thing in common.

They had all faced down death and decided to live every day like it might be their last. And then they all beat cancer.

The more interviews I did, the more I noticed that these women were living differently than most of the people I knew who had not been diagnosed with cancer. Here’s what I learned from those survivor women. Learning these lessons changed my life, and I hope they’ll change yours.

It’s like being on a playground…


What a great morning. The air is crisp and cool — feels like September is here already. I love Fall — so the sooner it comes the better! It was a small group this morning. Just 3 of us. With school back in session, many parents have to readjust their routine. Elementary school kids in our county start school at 750A — so they have to catch buses early.  And of course, Tues means Coach Jerry and some gymnastics! Hooray!!

Ankle/foot Mobility

800m run
10 Pass Thrus
10 Whirly Birds
10 OHS
10 Cobra Stretch

Handstands on Parallelette
Handstands on Rings

Deadlifts (85% of max) 165#
HSPU (use abmat if needed)
time: 12:22

So let’s talk about a few things mentioned above — Handstands on those Paralette bars. Sometimes Coach Jerry gets carried away with what we likes us to try. Actually holding the handstand using the bars is easier but kicking up to them — yeah, Coach Jerry had to basically pull me up. Hey – we all start somewhere. So once I got up into the handstand, it was easier to control the balance because you use your wrists instead of just your fingers, like when you are just on the floor. And if that wasn’t hard enough, then lets try it on the rings. No stability kicking up, but once I got up there — yeah I had no problem wrapping my feet around the straps. You really do have to get used to being upside down because for a second or so, you have no idea what direction is up. It’s an odd feeling — but great.

I have said it before — it’s one of the things I love about CrossFit. It’s like being a kid again, and going to the playground every day for recess. Remember how fun that was?

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