Partner warmup
5 burpees/plank hold x 3

Pose running drills

teams of 3
400m run
80 wall balls
400m run
120 push ups
400m run
180 sit ups
400m run
240 squats
while one team member does reps, the one waiting to take over holds plank, and the other one rests. All team members run the 400m.

We were the only all girl team and did a 32:22 time. Not too shabby if I say so myself! And man it was a very very hard WOD — I was totally spent at the end of it. It was fun though — i love workouts like that –totally do able and totally ass kicking.

I stayed later to help with the CrossFit Kids class. It was a great group of kids, including my own. They did some tire flippin’ today — gotta love that!