Today has been busy so I am just getting to my blog now — at almost 7p at night. Not my normal routine that’s for sure — I want to make sure to talk about rolling out your sore muscles and the main tool I use. I am sore, often. Crossfit is known for that — constantly varied movements is one of its fundamental philosophies. I also tend to have tight shoulders. One trick I learned from CrossFit is go out and buy a Lacrosse ball or 2, or 3 —

It’s related to the concept of myofascial release — rolling out sore used muscles. You probably have seen people use those foam rollers and the benefits they offer — Here are some blog posts from CrossFit Invictus to give you an inside look at ‘how they roll‘. Now let’s talk about how a lacrosse ball is related and how it really is a miracle ball. At Livestrong, read point #3. It’s a mini pain ball to help you get rid of your sore muscles. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE lying on it and rolling it over my back right between my shoulder blades. It’s so painful but in a good way and when you are done, you can feel the difference almost right away.

I love it so much I bought a bucket of them and passed them out at work — it is a mini-pain-miracle ball!!

10 Whirly Birds
10 OHS
Relay Race
crab walk
broad jump squats
bear crawl
inch worms


20-15-10 reps of:
Cleans 75lbs
Ring Dips
time: 7:36m