Day: October 19, 2011

Healthy Eating

Five myths about healthy eating We don’t need advertisers to tell us that candy is delicious. Humans were big fans of fat and sugar long before the idiot box was invented. We’re programmed to go for the good (bad) stuff. Sure, Kellogg’s and General Mills more »

Wrists & Shoulders Fail me Now

I thought all the ladies out there could use some yummy eye candy this morning –especially those in Northern VA who are ‘enjoying’ the rain. This cloudy day made it very tough for me to get up out of bed –  not going to lie. more »

The CrossFit Lifestyle

Have you read this yet? I don’t like the word Cult — I prefer the word lifestyle. Inside the Cult of CrossFit The world’s hottest new workout system is also the most controversial. Are you ready to join the WOD squad?  THE APPEAL OF CROSSFIT—A more »