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Healthy Eating


Five myths about healthy eating

We don’t need advertisers to tell us that candy is delicious. Humans were big fans of fat and sugar long before the idiot box was invented. We’re programmed to go for the good (bad) stuff. Sure, Kellogg’s and General Mills have big advertising budgets, but they’re nowhere near as powerful as Darwin. Cracking down on advertisers gives politicians a scapegoat, but it doesn’t make kids, or their parents, healthier.

And for good reason. Eliminating access to fast food and other junk food means taking away choices, something Americans don’t tend to like, even (or perhaps especially) when it’s for their own good.

Wrists & Shoulders Fail me Now


I thought all the ladies out there could use some yummy eye candy this morning –especially those in Northern VA who are ‘enjoying’ the rain. This cloudy day made it very tough for me to get up out of bed –  not going to lie. My old friend, the sleep monster, almost talked me right out of getting up but ah, ha! I am way stronger than he is at this point.

I know I sound like a broken record but I am sore — my shoulders are not happy with me. I think it has to do with all those pull ups we did on Monday with the CrossFit Lady – Cindy. I love workouts like that — but they leave their mark.  So today’s Overhead squat was not necessarily a welcome sight.

Coach Conan asked us a question this week —

How many folks actually look at the WOD the night before?  Does it determine whether you show up?  Be honest…do you shy away from the one’s that attack your weaknesses?  There’s no shame in it. We all have done it. But we DO know what’s best.  Attack the WOD with fearless abandon!

If you do CrossFit –what is your answer? I prefer to leave the element of unknown in my workouts and I generally do not look at the workout before I get there. I figure I am going to get through it no matter what it is –so I am prepared for whatever I am being asked to do.  But thats just me …

25 Double Unders
10 Pass thrus
10 Squats
10 Push Ups
10 Ring Dips


OH Squat

65# OH Squat
Ring Dips (I used blue band)
time: 7:18

I really struggled today with the OH Squats. My wrists and shoulders both seem to fail me today and I was FRUSTRATED!!! ARGHHHHH….

The CrossFit Lifestyle


Have you read this yet? I don’t like the word Cult — I prefer the word lifestyle.

Inside the Cult of CrossFit
The world’s hottest new workout system is also the most controversial. Are you ready to join the WOD squad?

 THE APPEAL OF CROSSFIT—A CONDITIONING program that mixes Olympic weightlifting, powerlifting, calisthenics, gymnastics, sprints, plyometrics, and a few hard-to-categorize exercises like rope climbing—is that the workouts are short, intense, and constantly changing. So they were nothing like the long, monotonous, and unsatisfying workouts I’d been doing for most of my adult life.

IT TOOK JUST A FEW CLASSES TO UNDERSTAND why my ex was crazy for CrossFit. As bad as it feels when you’re halfway through a WOD, you know it’ll be over soon. And you know you’ll make it to the end because no one is allowed to quit. That’s one reason it’s so exhilarating. Another is the camaraderie. You’re not really competing with your fellow CrossFitters as much as competing against yourself, and everyone in the room wants you to win.

And CrossFit is everywhere now. I counted 10 affiliates near my apartment in downtown Vancouver. I decided to try CrossFit Westside, which is within walking distance.

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