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The Elusive Double Under


Fun day at CrossFit today. We did Tabata Fight Gone Bad with a bit of a variation —

dynamic stretching
2x 3 reps each
bear crawls
shoot thrus
box jumps
ring digs

Double Unders
Wall Balls
SDHP KB 35lbs
Box Jumps
push press
3-4 rounds of 20s/10s rest

I didn’t really do a great job of counting reps so I have no idea how I did but I certainly felt out of breath! We ended it with some mobility stretching – and then I stayed later to work on my Double unders, trying different techniques.

It’s Snowing! It’s Crazy!


It is super crazy that it’s snowing in Northern Virginia on 10/29! I believe they are saying 3-8in today. CARAZZZZY! You know what else is crazy? We have finished one week into the CrossFit Whole Life Nutrition challenge. I do like the fact that I woke up this morning without that groggy, hungover feeling. I am about to get outta here and get my fitness on for the day. Don’t let the weather stop you -You Do It Too!!

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